Justice 4 Mohamud Hassan

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Mohamud Hassan was arrested, detained overnight, and then released without charge. The next day he was dead.

Help the family get justice 馃憠...

Posted 11 months ago in Crime & Tragedy
Samantha Shakespeare
Samantha Shakespeare11 months ago

That's so sad.

Did the family not request a second independent post mortem?
And I hope they've got a decent solicitor and wrote to the Home Secretary Priti Patel and their own MP.

Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist11 months ago

I was beaten up by Welsh police and nothing has ever been done about it they caused me to have a fit in my cell after attacking me

Dave Ewington
Dave Ewington11 months ago

I can well believe this having experience with the Welsh police they are a law unto themselves

Barry Alderman
Barry Alderman11 months ago

All you people that moan about the police sign up and make a difference you all seem to have the answers.i suppose you all clap and cheer when a police officer is beaten or killed when on duty.

Abukar Yusuf
Abukar Yusuf11 months ago

Heartbreaking!!! It can not be coincidence , first arrested then released suddenly died next day. what happened to that young men needs to be investigated properly by external investigators or many more young men will end up in similar situation. RIP young man.

Paul Henderson
Paul Henderson11 months ago

Sadly most police seem to think they are the law. Not public servants to uphold the law and allow justice and fair penalty for the wrong doers to be allowed. Many seem to think they are so important they can apply their own justice whether right or wrong or prejudiced. Sadly many police are worse than criminals fabricating false evidence making completely untrue statements to influence courts against the defendants. How we educate and control police to be responsible and honest in their job is a problem which seems to be beyond anyones control. But this is sadly a necessary evil that we can't do without and are far from the worst in the world. But we need to be forever watching the polices demon egos and self importance and ensure the law is also applied to them not only the wrong doers.

Harry Harun Khan
Harry Harun Khan11 months ago

Corrupt police officers and government

Adrienne Thomas
Adrienne Thomas11 months ago

TV programmes in the 60s and 70s regularly portrayed black people as idiots, drug dealers, muggers, thieves and scroungers. All the time. No wonder prejudice was implanted in us all in our own living rooms and still runs so deep. BLM is vital in addressing this whole issue and if any white people out there don't think it applies to them....dig a bit deeper.......it's there! I'm sure I'll be trolled for this but I don't care.

June Ellod
June Ellod11 months ago

Rip so sad... Been happening for decades.... 馃槩

Margaret Robinson
Margaret Robinson11 months ago

If he had been in a fight before being arrested why did they not take him to hospital first.