Police Shoot 13-Year-Old with Autism During Mental Health Episode

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A 13-year-old with autism was shot by police multiple times while experiencing a mental health episode — here’s what we know (warning: distressing)

Posted 1 year ago in Crime & Tragedy

Allison Martin 1 year ago

They made sure he went to the hospital. So sad for this mom. This is why we need to defund a portion of police for special handling of situations like this.

James R. Jones 1 year ago

That mother’s biggest mistake was calling the cops. This sort of incident happens time and time again. As you can see, the results speak for themselves. If at all possible, keep the cops out.

Brent Clark 1 year ago

Ridiculous, preposterous, horrible, I could go on . Grown men trained to encounter violent suspects, couldn’t control a teen( barely)? They shouldn’t even be officers. They are why we want to defund police!