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Nastia invites us into her home to talk techno, why she gave away her wax and how she'll never deviate from the #TrueMusic she loves. Mixmag &...
Hey how you doing? Hi. I'm fine. Thank you. just you know, spending my time here and and happy about it. Well. I thought I'd ask you a couple of questions about how things have been going on in locked down and that the music industry and we'll just see where it goes. You did a DJ stream for Valentine's at the very start of locked down uh was that your first socially distance rave and how did it feel actually you're wrong because the Valentine's uh dream I had for my birthday. uh we supposed to do. Festival, which move on to the July to July and I didn't want to leave my friends and uh followers alone and I decided to spend my birthday uh streaming and playing music for them and it was like 5 hours um three steps um set and uh Valentine's was the big help for me to make it happen otherwise uh I could never afford them expenses. I spend on the production and cameras and And uh everything so yeah. uh I think it was a big gift for me on my birthday to have an opportunity and share this day with my friends and uh followers in your career you've stayed true to making and playing the music that you like and love instead of following short live trends like Ed uh how important is it that a sense of staying true? uh and not being swayed by kind of external forces for me. it's not uh about how important. And is that it's the only way not to lie to yourself and not to lie on the people who listen to you who come to you to your party and respect your as soon as you start pretending align to your audience uh they will feel it and they will leave you and it's it's it's just the way nowhere you know uh staying true is means um being honest and being real being uh you the way you want to be. I'm not like uh the way. Successful happened to you or it's it doesn't make sense if you are good DJ and then you play something that just pop up uh like a music. Uh I cannot imagine myself playing that sound. It's just so cheesy and um so you know it's not uh it's not me. stay yourself and play what you feel what you believe in. it's it's uh easy formula. You know you don't need to be someone uh to understand what you like what you don't like as soon as you play what you like you send the proper the pure energy and people feel it and then they respect. To And they deported because they see it. it is you and that's it. It's the only way for me um so during locked down, you've been giving away your vinyl to your fans every week and not just like the press, but some really valuable records as well. What was the concept behind that and uh do you is there anything that you regret specifically giving away to some of your followers and fans actually? it's my. Parts of the whole lock down uh the thing is the story is that I was uh having a lot of time and they decided like okay. Finally, I have time to sort out my record collection and I wanted to listen everything I have and I started and I was doing it for one and a half months slowly step by step but uh during the listening and uh sorting out, I realized that I want to uh give away more like more than a half of my collection because you know there's a lot of uh good records but. Um I don't feel like um playing them anymore. You know I grow from this music and it's time to give this music to someone else we will get inspired and maybe do something nice with it and uh I have lots of records like that and I didn't want to sell it. I didn't I didn't want to imagine that I could go to the post and send it by you know like uh sell it on disco. It's also a lot of time and stuff like that and the best for me always been giving them having so I decided to. Once we give a present for free to my fans to my to my followers and uh the very easy rules just to a post and then I choose randomly or the one I like and I just will send it by post with a big pleasure that finally like I if I'm not playing for the people this time at least I can give them something that will be valuable and uh give them the cheer them up. You know, give them something nice and good and uh I still have the record, which is one. Gave me in two thousand ten. When he was first time with festival, I came to him while he was playing and ask the if he can give me a some records as a present then he gave me one records and I still have it and every time I look at it, I mean I remember this moment and I think it's very cool. To give something to your to the people who follow you and who likes you and how support you all the way. What advice can you give ah to people on rebuilding of the lock down? I think they are Always the best choice is not to look back. I think it's very important to look forward and uh not to think what you could have or what could happen if not this but uh think about the future and what you want where you wanna be and who you wanna become uh looking forward is the only way to um have this um opportunity to step in uh and start the new page and um be yourself. Build your um opportunities around so never look back and look only forward. This was how this will help you um to not to have to say on hold on with the problems you might have uh during the lockdown you need to move on which seems have you been inspired by the most or our most excited about um, let me tell you what I feel um for the last 10 years because last 10 years is a very important um part of our scene where everything was growing and I think that uh number one uh. Sin is Romanian since the 2010 it was exploding all around the world and I always been wondering how strong is the support from the local people from Romania So for Romanian, there was no better DJ than their own local artist such as R PR and uh I've never seen that uh huge support of the local people to the local artist and I think this is the key of success of any kind of esteem and uh I've I've been like jealous like in a good way. jealous like I was dreaming that we could have it in Ukraine too, and then the next. To see uh the next one it happened in 2000 1414 when we had the revolution in Ukraine and the many people lost the jobs and uh good guys they started to do their own parties and now I can give you numbers of amazing promoters in Ukraine and what what wonders me and um uh surprise me again is that the local scene the resident Djs are way stronger than um international. Artist, For example, if you have few parts in the same time in the same day in uh uh no ducks the party with the local digits, we have more people more audience uh it will be more successful party than with international guest and I think you need to have a stronger heart of the scene and then everything will be good around well last year. It's been absolutely amazing. talking to you uh and thank you for giving us a little insight into your lock down. See you at club. Or festival in the near future. Thank you very much and have a nice uh lock down and still not finished. so let's uh let's go in a positive way and uh wait for your uh time to get out uh from this and uh finally uh reconnect with your friends and uh people around and have a good party as well.

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