Survivor of the North Command attack Maj. Admasu Demeke tells what he witnessed on November 4th, 2020

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Survivor of the North Command attack Maj. Admasu Demeke tells what he witnessed on November 4th, 2020.

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(Courtesy of ENDF TV)

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Lee Eve 1 year ago

I am deeply sad the country is becoming this stage. Especially the kids to see this or hear the sound of war , what is going to come to their mind. The trauma .why ?? To who this is sacrificed by this bloodshed?? That is bloody insane.

Mulugeta Tekle 11 months ago

In no terms, the brave action taken by the Tigray government to overtake the Northern Command was timely and necessary to defend Tigray over the planned conspiracy with Eritrean dictator to attack the Tigray people. The legitimate government of Tigray, was able to secure the safety of the military officers and kept them unharmed. Those once, who challenged the military overtake may have been militarily challenged, and this is natural phenomenon in the event of military takeover. This was a self defence on Tigray government part.

Conspiracy to militarily and economically, psychologically subdue Tigray was long planned, not only Colonel Abiye came to power and the recent Abiye’s military aggressions an extension for the long plan.

Tigray undoubtedly will prevail no matter what!!

Abiyu Asnake Demisse 1 year ago

It’s by far one of the most brutal and heartbreaking betrayal on our defense force! I am dying to see this mafia to get perished from our country once and for all!

Stella Dawit 1 year ago

This Mission was barbaric ........ god is great all the time its about time .......

Heberwork Weldeyes 1 year ago

TPLF's means pagan! It's horrible and heartbreaking, so sad 😭😭😭💔💔💔

Mesfin Shiferaw 1 year ago

Thank you Major Admassu for honest, shocking and heartbreaking descriptions of TPLF's work on unsuspecting and trusting Ethiopian defense force. They will certainly pay the price for their barbaric acts. Ethiopia won't be disintegrated by the cowardly works of TPLF.

Daniel Tilahun 1 year ago

What happen is very ridiculous thing no human do such horrible things on his own brother . This is fascism and TPLF has to be vanished and send to hale .

Getahun Solomon 1 year ago

This guy he didn't give all rights answer.

Lee Eve 1 year ago

I hated race fighting. I just don't want even to hear it . I am human being and I am feeling sad .I pray for my people.

Ayman Anwar 1 year ago

Barbarian group of Junta..