How To Pronounce German Car Names

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We've been saying them all wrong! Thankfully this angry German man is here to teach us a lesson..

Posted 4 years ago in Education & Learning

LADbible 4 years ago

All credit goes to Speed Comparer ! Make sure to like his page, follow him on Twitter & subscribe to his YouTube channel here for more -

Greg Haberkern 4 years ago

My 7 year old made me pull into the "Por-Sha" dealer tonight.
Spotted some Awesome new cars and a few old gems.

Adner Arana 4 years ago

Who cares how we pronounce it. Be grateful Americans buy 43% percent of german cars in the world. Which by the way is more than the 28% purchased in Europe. Fact. Your welcome.

Melissa En 4 years ago

Melissa Nomani I’m crying this is me whenever English people try to say volkswagen and then mock me for pronouncing it correctly

Alan Arnold 4 years ago

My Grandfather would have picked up all those pronunciations as he spent a lot of time in Germany. But it was 1944 and he was carrying a weapon.

Thea Panimeen 4 years ago

Simone , jeg synes altså virkelig, vi snart skal til Hamburg og udtale tyske bilmærker og drikke apfelschorle med den falske Hansi på Reeperbahn!!! 😁😍

Svetlana Pomeroy 4 years ago

To make him feel happier I can tell that Russians pronounce the names of these cars in German way and when I talk them in German way in Britain I'm being corrected by my son😉

Jennifer Hannah Lee 4 years ago

I must say: learn how to pronounce english words correctly first, then do the Video again. First we start with "t h" its mit that hard : "this" "the" "that" "think" not "siss" "se" "sat" "sink"

Ich muss sagen: lerne erst englische Worte richtig auszusprechen wenn du anderen deren Aussprache erziehen möchtest und wenn es klappt kannst du das Video nochmal neu machen.
Fangen wir an mit: "this" "the" "that" "think" nicht "siss" "se" "sat" "sink"

Noah Tahon 4 years ago

Aleksandra Zamarja This guy made me think of all the weird stuff we would probably miss pronounce if we tried to speak each others leanguage xd

Markus Hoffecker 4 years ago

Ryan :D idk whats worse, his english (i hope he´s just acting exaggerated :D ), or foreigners pronounciation of these names :D