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OLD TOWN ROAD: 20-year-old Lil Nas X went from living on his sister's couch in Atlanta to having a smash hit song dominating the charts.
The hottest song in the world right now Old Town Road an instant viral hit number one for the last day weeks It's sparked a National debate over whether a rapper who happens to be black can create a country hit originally kicked off the country charts The track has caused divisions within the music industry but the controversy has United an unlikely pairing between a country legend Billy Ray Cyrus and a rising star and through it all the 20 year old at the Center Little Nazi sex isn't going away This is only the beginning and you know people won't realize that if they realize it just this week surprising these kids at an elementary school in Ohio And performing in Boston ahead of Game, one of the Stanley Cup even scoring the new Rambo trailer Old Town Road is one of the biggest songs of the year. If not the biggest I knew for a fact that this one would take me to another level But I can say I knew that it was gonna, be worldwide or nationwide For knows less than a year ago, all of these would be unfathomable his real name Montara Lamar Hill a College drop out living on the Sister's couch in Atlanta Just trying to get anyone to listen Life was me moving from sibling to sipping out promoting my music like through Twitter and you know barely get any. You know reaction out of anything Then I find this beat on Youtube which is those By this guy named Young Kia and I made this song it was like a lonely cowboy running away from everything and Old Town Road is like this path of success and like you know wanna keep continuing this He paid $30 for the beat and release the track independently on Soundcloud first started like willing to tweet and it was already like you know having some momentum and then you know like over the course of a few months. I would just put it into me You know like kind of forcing it into the Internet in a way you know started to catch on I got the horses The song went viral on the video sharing platform talk Can if you don't know what tip talk is that just means You're older than 15 old Town Road became a meme on tictoc people would drink something called he Haa juice and the song would start up and they might be dancing in a hip hop matter and they would jump in the air and transform into Cowboys What about the song made it perfect for mean there's? Usually one line or something strange and in this particular way, It's I got go over and Some reason That's what people launched social media was one of the biggest factors in this song success Social media is the biggest factor in every song, says nowadays I use that you know to my advantage and work not who fancies himself. A rapper suddenly found himself on billboard's country charts debuting at Number 19 But less than a week later Old Town Road got the boot In a statement. Rolling Stone Billboard stated that the track does not embrace enough elements of today's country music to chart in its current version That decision led to outrage online fans, tweeting wow discrimination at its finest It says country as anything on country radio to be honest the joint has banjo and talks about horses What more does he need a lot of what's popular in country right now? A lot of people 10 years ago would not have considered to be country songs Country has become very rock and roll in a lot of ways and there's all this pop crossover. So all bets are off people. I wanna say something that this enough for something Enough but you know I know what it is The controversy caught the attention of country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus who tweeted in support of knows start where That's, not fair when you first heard Old Town Road Did you think it was a country song old Town Road was all of me. It was my past President future. It had everything that I you know been raised on my whole life of banjo bluegrass and solid country hook. And then yet you know that you know model Sound that beaten up group and again country music is a song that touches People's hearts, especially country music fans of country music fans. Dig it than its country has been a lot of money of my country fans. Shorted biggest so the unlikely duo teamed up for a remix in an epic Star studded look at it book it book music video This version of the song is now number one on the hot 100 with over a billion streams 57 years old and never thought I'd feel anything like this ever again I've been a part of a couple of things that were described at the time as a phenomenon, including Achy Breaky heart Hannah Montana This song and this moment in this movement feels like all of that plus more I've never felt a stallion run like this song is running there's. Something really special here we use like a cultural icon You know It's like he's just an important figure, and you know for him to hop on that song He help take it to a new level Definitely What type of advice are you giving us shoot? You know he doesn't need any advice from me. You know I think like the original box in Today's world, you don't have to limit yourself to one particular style or genre be at all But not everyone agrees last week after announcing a collaboration with G maker Wrangler Nospace more backlash some not liking the rappers Western wear the debate on what it means to be country wasn't going away Wrangler responding to one user as an iconic Random fashion We've shown up a music film and popular culture for decades Our Western heritage and offering quality and versatile product for all wearers will always be at the very heart of our brand Whatever the song is or isn't Doesn't seem to matter It's resonating with everyone from this teacher and her students To celebrities like Kim Kardashian and daughter Northwest even Keith Urban X Definitely has special sauce because he decided he wanted to go viral and he did it it's not just about making something that you think people will like It's actually making something that people can like and then make their own because That's. What makes them share when I see like anybody like of course, including vanished too like when I see it just like anybody enjoying the song It's like a it's like a light in my heart What are you doing When we first met nights he was about to perform live for the very first time ever at stage coach one of the biggest country music festivals in America 123 Got the horses in What are your emotions like right now? Talk to me about that there everywhere just wanna first performance and the crowd went crazy. So think I did great I have an p. coming out pretty soon and then It's gonna be a naval for that You know, I just know they're. Both gonna do great if you wanna He's got the road to success right in front of it For Nightline I'm Ashton sing in Coachella Valley California Our thanks to Austin and his team

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