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Check out Ben's coolest alien transformation sequences! Which one is your favorite? 馃懡

Posted 3 years ago in TV & Movies

Sreejith JS 1 year ago

These were the best transformations 馃槏

Kirti Kumar 8 months ago

Literary Worst Ben 10 ever
Old ones are great Never thought my fav Cartoon would be ruined like this

Warren Pil 1 year ago

I want the old ben 10 cause it looks intense and it looks good on transform into an alien.and I don't like The new ben 10 it looks like to much animeted.

Asdean Earl Ventura 1 year ago

Good thing I watched the original ben 10 shows, except for omniverse and this one.

Pandey Tika 1 year ago

Plz bring back old Ben 10.This one is not cool like the old and orginal.This Ben down the Ben 10 show bring back orginal.Orginal was cool and awasome

Jacob Villarosa Niega 1 year ago

This is not the Ben 10 that i used to watched when i was a kid. There are a lot of new versions but its like they're just mixing the alien force and the first ben 10 series

Raza Mohammed 8 months ago

Glad i grew up watching the first three ben 10 series and not this because this series is awful

Phantomex Fadhili 1 year ago

I hate this remake they ruined the show

Anand Mallavarapu 1 year ago

I miss the old show
Which was awesome
Like Salvender Singh said cartoon network should consider starting the show again

Bigperm Ross 1 year ago

It don't bother me is for younger audiences I've already watch The Originals