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In This Episode, Ojo Continued Experiencing The Events Of Time Loop When He Gets Slapped By His Mom. His Only Way Out Is To Avoid Getting Slapped Till...

Posted 8 months ago

Tracy Curtis 8 months ago

I'm waiting for Part 3. Watched this on YouTube as The Greenhills Cyclist. Part 3: Mama Ojo is trapped in a time loop. Can she go a whole day without slapping Ojo, no matter what he does????

Susan Lee Olson 8 months ago

Just remember it’s a drama and funny too no one is getting Hurt but we all feel for the characters in this Ojo is all right

Deborah A Tisdale 8 months ago

Wasn't there an earlier video when Mama Ojo said she would be nicer to him in 2021?? I guess that's over....

Bolly Bill 8 months ago

Seriously this Ojo will live long despite all the snap he still will never change mama will tire las las if she doesn't stop this slapping attitude

Mio Renae 8 months ago

Mannnnn, this skit was probably one of the best skits, I've watched so far. I laughed and hollered, during the whole thing, from Ojo's angry face to Mama Ojo's helicopter slap, til the end. 🤣😂🤣 Time Loop 3 coming soon, please stand by. 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾😂

Fabunmi Àìkú 8 months ago

There comes a point where this isn't funny anymore. I'm African-American and I don't know much about how African parents are with their children. I can only hope they show more love and patience than Mam Ojo shows her son. She seems to make up stuff just so she can slap him. I'm waiting for the day he slaps her back.

Felecia Davis 8 months ago

The best video skit as yet. It's time for Ojo to put a lock on his door. Mom'ma must now learn to respect his boundaries...long overdue

Audrey Francis 8 months ago

It's about time OJO find a job rent an apartment and live on his own, Let mama OjO see that he is productive on his own😕 But wait the funny part is she would want him to come back home😄

Amy Holloway 8 months ago

Poor Ojo. He can't escape his mother. One day how mama will be sad she treated him like this.

Goodwill Nyong 8 months ago

Haba mama ojo

Ejor o

I thought you have change , so even after all the thanksgiving you did in the church, you're still slapping ojo?

Our pastor will hear about this o