Love Knows No Race Or Disability And This Couple Prove It

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People still ask "why would you marry a disabled man" and that's exactly why this couple want to share their love story 🙌

Posted 12 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Vickie Bohon 12 months ago

I agree with some of the comments she sure as heck did not do it for his money because the government don't give you shit hardley to even get by with because I get SSI and SS once a month and myself I struggle but I also have a great awesome family that helps me out

Reagan Edu 12 months ago

It will be a damndest thing for someone to marry a disabled person all in the name of money yooo! That's weird because taken care of a disabled person ain't an easy task 😎😎

Karen Bodensiek Saavedra 12 months ago

Some comments are full of hate and prejudice... 😔 It's sad that some people just can trust in good intentions anymore

Jewel Gleam 12 months ago

Harsh said, she could have done way better if she was about the money and green card.

Sikapa Nie 12 months ago

I don’t see money influence here she could’ve gotten a man who’s able and rich,stop hating

Kinley Gyem 12 months ago

Why should you care for other people to ruin your peace. They will close this app after a comment and give no shit. Its you and your life you shouldn't have to take this personally .. Think positive and yes you guys are perfect together 😍

Renée Booth 12 months ago

She's quite pretty, if it was all for a green card she could get many men.
He does not look rich at all.
Maybe she genuinely likes him? Who really knows

Jasmine Bella 12 months ago

I feel like there is a partnership here ... and that’s what relationships are, partnerships... they give each other what they’re looking for and they are both happy so why does anyone’s negative opinions matter. 🤷‍♀️ like stated by others... if money and a green card were her goals than she didn’t need to marry him to get them.....

Philiy Philip 12 months ago

God created all of us with his own image and we deserve to be loved..and God loved him more with his disability and gave him his other half a loving and caring woman..😘

Chioma Okani-maduekwe 12 months ago

People can sit in their home and say trash not minding how it hurts. They won't even lift a finger to try to help. But the one person that tries to help a disabled person they insult. What did she do? She tried to give a human being hope and they are not happy with it. My dear lady God bless you and your man. May the love you both have keep you happier. The best things in life are free, even some rich able bodied men don't have this. You are blessed.