Preppy Kitchen’s John Kanell bakes Valentine’s Day sugar cookies with Sara Haines

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BAKING WITH SARA: Preppy Kitchen’s John Kanell teaches our Sara Haines how to bake his #ValentinesDay sugar cookies! 💕 Get the recipe and follow along:...

Posted 8 months ago in Food & Drink

Patsy Short 8 months ago

She is adorable and sweet and smart. I enjoy listening to her positive words!❤️

Shari Hamrick Hogan 8 months ago

Ok can I say - I LOVE HER!!!!!! She should have her own show. ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Monica Colavito 8 months ago

Sara is so amazing. Wow, what a woman, so talented so fun so funny and full of life. She is great to watch on everything she does.

Pamela Dent Anderson 8 months ago

Sara is so adorable. I'm so glad that she came back.

Judy Holzman-Jankiewicz 8 months ago

I wanted to see how he decorated the cookies

Samuel Candelaria Jr. 8 months ago

I love Preppy Kitchen with John. I made my first cheese cake using his recipe. It was so good.

Jordan Mitchell 8 months ago

Sara needs to have more baking segments! Loved this!

Kathy Frank Albers 8 months ago

Sara is as sweet as sugar cookies!

Ambrosio DeBosho 8 months ago

A great sense of humor , excellent addition to the show NOT A DOUBT !!

Debra Knox Tillman 8 months ago

This segment makes me miss “the chew”... That was such a good show.