Kate Garraway gives an update on husband Derek Draper | Facebook

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'He said you saved my life and I said I love you.'

We're sending all of our love and support to Kate, Derek, Darcey and Billy. 鉂わ笍

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Doctor Doctor Doctor said. said. said we've we've got got him him here. here. We're We're We're gonna gonna gonna put put put him him him into into into into the the. the the coma. coma coma and and because because because overnight. overnight overnight overnight overnight we we we. think think we need to do that. that he he could could could hear hear hear he's he's he's right. right right right here here here and and and and. he just just asked asked me. me. I I love love love you. you you but but but I'm I'm. I'm I'm I I I have have have to to to leave you I I I like like. like that that like it's that it's it's only only only for for. only for for three three or or 53 or four days days and and and you're you're you're gonna gonna gonna be be be be. fine fine fine and and and this this this this is. is is is good. This good is good cuz this cuz is this is what what what what. you you you wanted wanted wanted and and and. and allow allow allow you you to to you to rest. rest and and he he just just just said said said you've you've you've saved saved saved. my my life life cuz cuz I I think. think he thought I. To the doctors to put it in the coma, obviously I he said. You saved my life I don't just be now. I mean everything being married to or the children you've saved my life and then I said, I said, I love you. I love you and the doctor said he's under and that was it. That's the last time I spoke to.

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