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Without his older brother, Joaquin Phoenix may not have become the actor he is today. River Phoenix was a rising star who died at 23 — this is his story.
My brother and I always talk to each other and my sisters and everybody whenever some new script comes in the House or some new role. It's always like on the family family's mind for the day and we all sort of talk about it and go through it and it it is a big help. I was 15 or 16. My brother River came home from work and he had a V H H H, S copy of a movie called Raging Bull and he sat me down and maybe watch it and the next day. He woke me up and maybe watch it again and he said, You're gonna start acting again. This is what you're gonna do and he didn't ask me. He just told me and I am indebted to to him for that because after he has given me. It's such an incredible life. I've been begins to sell three years old and at that age me and my siblings witnessed fish being killed in really violent and aggressive way, and it was just absolutely obvious that there was something that we didn't wanna participate in and we don't wanna support. I started acting through auditioning and trial by basically three than when you started 10 was that song television commercials. And then later you get cast in the film if you're lucky. I really don't think about how how apart is going to do for my career. It's it's it's how I can do for the part. I feel like it's kind of like an official bonus to the satisfaction that I had already felt after seeing the movie. I mean that to me was was what really meant something to me and and this is just an extension of that when he asked the next door. If I was intimidated by you know the people that I was up there with and and I don't at all. I mean I I don't think that I'm you know out of the bunch. it all worthy of the award though. No, it's still, you know a very nice thing to to be amongst them. It's more of like a police date now more sure than ever in the States. you know, controlling things that that get the culture in trouble, you know, it's like a pressure cooker and never turn the stove off it, cooks and cooks until it explodes. And he scares the shit out of me too to be Frank to be in front of the camera. Oh it's so pretty Oh, that's why when I said, I never look at the camera. you don't look at the camera. That's fine. I'm very frightened right now. I'm dealing with it. somehow, yeah you're dealing with, but I really am frightened.

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