Mystery Space Events That Astronomers Can’t Explain

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Space has baffled scientists since the beginning of science, and in today's amazing new video we're going to spend some time amongst the stars trying to...

Posted 1 year ago in Science & Tech

Kyle Tanner 10 months ago

I don’t understand how those short burst radio waves could “reach” the event because it lasted three weeks when even at the speed of light those radio waves would take 277 million years to reach it. And on another note if we just observed it now that means in happened 277 million years ago and the light is only reaching us now which makes it even more impossible for the radio bursts to reach it.

Elmer Todd 8 months ago

What ever we are in side of is growing an drawing of energy the holes are the vains lol we mite be floteing in some thing blood stream we are to small to know are ever know every thing is made of smaller stuff

David Capurro 9 months ago

How can we have explored only 0.1% of the known universe? The known universe is massive. We still have explored all that there is on earth or the solar system let alone the universe.

Bruce Rolff 7 months ago

I can assure you that no waves of any kind from any source here on earth ever reached this event. Nothing travels faster than light and the very nearest star is 4 light years away. That means it would take 4 years just to reach the nearest star system. If this event is as far as you say it would take more than many many lifetimes for any waves to reach it.

Steve Bii 1 year ago

The Cow light emitted some 250 Trilion light years away, was Alderan being blown up by The Death Star. Think outside the box, people!

That, or more plausibly it may have been two solarsystems colliding. It would take about three earth weeks for the initial impact and consequential explosions to dissipate from our vantage point.

Dan Madden 1 year ago

This channel is not very accurate in its descriptions and does not contextualise them well either

Marvin Mauldin 9 months ago

How about the missing antimatter that according to the Standard Model had to appear in an equal quantity with promatter during the Big Bang? They should have annihilated each other, leaving nothing but photons, but here we are, writing comments with and about the one in a billion sneaky promatter particles that survived.

Barry D. Hornsby 7 months ago

A ripple in space as they occur in water when a pebble is thrown in

Hassan Shahid 10 months ago

Watching this video, I just got an idea.
What if Dark Matter is just made up of stellar systems like our solar system but the star at the center of the "dark" system has lost its light and just exists as a huge planet around which other smaller planets revolve.

David James 1 year ago

If you could weigh up every thing that exists you could probably estimate the weight or size of the dark energy that holds every thing in existence, but that's very difficult.🤔