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Posted 2 years ago in Science & Tech

Aadya Jaiswal 2 years ago

Aaplogo ko itna bhi nhi pata ki agar moon itna bada aur itni door hota yo prithvi ke sabhi desho se moon dikhai deta lekin aisa nhi hai
Aap logo ko ye bhi nhi pta ki moon hamesha prithvi ki perchhai me hi rahta hai na ki antariksh me itna uper

Shaun Geddings 2 years ago

My oil heater looks more complex than that apparatus. #NasaLies

Chirag Chaudhari 2 years ago

There is no such thing as time in space, i think the time IS SPEED OF move energy from one medium to another.

Nancy Smith 2 years ago

I want to know why the quote “ it is one small step for a man and one small step for mankind”. Was changed to “it is one small step for man and one small step for mankind”. The a is missing?

Polaco Castro 2 years ago

Hola por qué estamos en el 2019 y no van a la luna ?toda la tecnología para filmar en el viaje Nadie pregunta cómo puede ser que fueron 20/7/1969 y encima tardar 10 días no me cierra nada!!!!!!

Lee Watson 2 years ago

I saw this and thought it was a KSP post

Sadia Tagar 2 years ago

no one give importance to my dream that is why i am here that may be i find some one he or she could tell me that what can i do to success till that i am not having job at NASA till my last breathe i will try my best

Stephen Jett 2 years ago

Really cool to have the Artemis program and all, but as I scrolled passed I honestly thought that this was something someone made in Kerbal Space Program with some visual enhancement and part mods.

Debra York 2 years ago

Thank you NASA, The views from up here have surely helped make life rich!

Deepesh V. Kaba 2 years ago

Really great and cool to have the Artemis program..