Franklin Park Zoo Welcomes baby gorilla

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Just look at those eyes 馃挏 Congratulations to the Franklin Park Zoo on the birth of a male baby gorilla last week. The mother, named Kiki, and her baby...

Posted 1 year ago in Animals & Pets

Joyce Smith 1 year ago

Look at those beautiful big eyes such a gorgeous little boy congratulations kiki

Angelica Kope 1 year ago

He is adorable! If you look into his eyes is as if you would look into a human's eyes! It is so amazing how much they look like us! I hope we will protect their specis!

Anne Wheeler 1 year ago

He so adorable and lovely too. Hope everything goes well with each other.

Pamela Kilmartin 1 year ago

Wow that face is absolutely amazing bless them 鉂も潳

Mendy Thompson 1 year ago

Congrats. He is so cute. He will make a great dad one day. We need gorillas for many years to come.

Davina Hickman 1 year ago

Absolutely beautiful but I hope they don't intervene too much, though I do understand this was due to mum having a C section. Wish them all every health and happiness. And people...stop laughing at those that are concerned about the intervention, it because they care!!! Be kind!!!馃挅馃挅

Janet Lomayesva 1 year ago

That is so wonderful to see new life. It is also sad that they can't be sent back to their real homes. I know it is to late for them. What you do is amazing.馃槳

Jennifer Saastad 1 year ago

Congratulations Kiki on your beautiful baby boy!!!

Jeff Poor 1 year ago

Congratulations to Kiki on her beautiful baby boy.

Niura Elisabeth Schwartz 1 year ago

Look at those eyes! Sweet baby! Congratulations to Kiki! 鉂わ笍