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Win a £20 voucher simply by loving, sharing & commenting ‘shorts’
Join Louie for a newness & restock show
Ruby and Daisy Live show on this really nice hot. I'm I might say sweater Saturday. I have a fantastic time whatever you're doing today you probably the sunshine and drinking cocktails and wine while I'm here showcasing lots of new arrivals and restocks if it's your first time watching and you want to be who we are where we've been Daisy and we're based in the North West of England, We are bricks and mortar building, however. During this climate, of course, we are not open and we are online and just simply go on with data dot com dot UK and everything I'm gonna talk about today and absolutely I'm wearing is available to purchase online even if you're watching from the other side of the world wherever you are, we can deliver every day to you and mainland you can deliver it at present is only two pounds and so many of you have taken you know a real great. Of that and also this week or last week or maybe the week before, I can't even remember we did launch express next day delivery. so if you want your parcels, your reine, Daisy is even quicker and the next day you can pay a surcharge of four pounds 95, which is still great value, not only that we are very grateful to all the key workers within the UK. Whether you're an NHS worker or a support worker, you're working in school, you're working in school, whatever you may even work in a supermarket. Whatever role you do is a key worker. We are giving away a 20 percent discount code to all of your key workers, and you can use that as many times as you wish, it's simply excludes our packs sale items and gift vouchers, and all you have to do is send us a picture of yourself into our. Box Facebook, or you can even send us your ID whichever way you wish Personally, I prefer your to grab Them' Toru sending and you're qualified for 20 percent off so get on that website. Get message us and get your discount you deserve it. It's the least you deserve to keep the country running through these times. any comments says a Christy Christina and said. You're looking fabulous. It's so much. Some Ashford, if I'm saying that right, I love some, I don't even know you some. I've never even met you. We've just to become friends through Instagram cuz we both share the same passion for Cato Bargains and TK Maxx holes and pound blonde and home bargains, and I just know it's a great character you saw flamboyant and fun and I'd love to see you in there in real life. so he said that you're looking Incredibles time. Thank you. Some of your eyebrows they are absolutely on the fleet. That's such a word right. let's get on with what I'm wearing brand-new. It arrived. I think this arrived yesterday and this is called the mandala tie-dye parachute dress. You're all now very familiar with the parachute dress. It is one of the most flattering dresses of all time the neckline starters very flexible, especially if you're curvy or top. if you're busted, It's just very nice. Of those shoulders, why not cuz a lot for a lot of women? This is the most flattering part the neckline the shoulders you can wear it completely off the shoulder. If you want my what I'm doing and you can wear a symmetric just off one or if you're not into that at all, just wear it fully up and there's no need to buy a special bra just simply took down your bra straps because personally, I find strapless bras are like big like Jess and they do not flat at the Boston area whatsoever particular. If you look at, I have a big like Helena, which she won't mind me saying after the St. strapless bras do not offer any support whatsoever. So what else is also a question about this dress at least to size. It's up to you. You can wear the top out like that or simply tuck them in and you've got some secrets hidden pockets there. a lot of you. What is what a pocket you'll find it very comforting. I personally love the pocket as well and it's a great length. It's just a lot of the.

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