How are private schools fighting the spread of COVID on campus?

KUAM News • 5 months ago   79     16  •  12.6K Views
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With students from both the public and private school systems across the island testing positive for the COVID-19 virus, KUAM News stopped by a couple...

Posted 5 months ago in Health & Medical
Lea Celine
Lea Celine5 months ago

Those desk are not even 3ft in the classroom @ the private school & you say they are following protocol calls regardless of the Sheild's i see on the desk there suppose to be 3ft apart

Donald S. DeJesus
Donald S. DeJesus5 months ago

This Admin is the Greatest National Security Risk for Guam!

Lourdes Quinene
Lourdes Quinene5 months ago

Southern high school is crowded and social distances needs to take effect especially inside the bus

Trishelle Salass
Trishelle Salass5 months ago

SHUT DOWN THE SCHOOLS . way too many students are positive already !!

Kevin Nace
Kevin Nace5 months ago

How could they contract the virus if they are all following the mandates put out by the Government

Sina Elias
Sina Elias5 months ago