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Coolest Easter gifts for kids!!!

Check these out!

From that's right Jimmy, I know it's been a long time since I've checked in with all of you guys, but I just wanted to share with you an amazing easter find that I have gotten here in Australia and uh because if you guys are a parent and if you guys are loving easter and you guys are going to want to check out these amazing little easter, gifts. What I love is that their personalized and you can see right here look at these cute little personalized easter wedding gifts that are made and designed from here in Australia that these ones, I found from a shop called sweetheart creative. It www dot sweet s. We t heart H dra t dot com the u So she does a little. She does so many amazing personalized easter gifts it's absolutely phenomenal, but if you look here there's the ones that she has, there but what I really love and we bought these last year also, is, I don't know about you, but parents get kind of upset when you keep getting easter gift, ideas are easter, gifts that there's too much chocolate. I personally think there's never too much chocolate, but these little ones sold the problem. I'm just ordered 50 bookmarks from sweetheart creative dot com that I u, where you get a book Mark. Obviously to encourage reading it says happy easter, but you can put one of the little mini easter eggs in there too, just to have a little bit more fun, so I love the If you're looking for something that your kids aren't just gonna throw away or you're looking for uh really cool idea to pop in for your kid's classes or their daycare or whatever it is michelle from sweetheart creative, has a variety of easter. Products. I don't just these are my two favorite and would strongly encourage you to head over to our shop at www dot sweet heart, creative dot com to you because they're absolutely so fun and so cool for this eastern I know easter is still not until I believe it's April 20 first but again you've got to get your orders in so that they are delivered on time because here in queensland we're actually finishing up on April the fifth and so there You know you're going to need these particular items before April. Fifth so actually that's only a few weeks away. So again this is and from finley, and me, where we focus on creating childhood memories or play love and travel and I just received my special easter box from michelle from sweetheart creative, where, as I've said earlier, she creates these amazing little bookmarks and you just put a little easter egg in there they're so fun and so cute again. What I like, that it's just really a made a sterling designed and that again your supporting local women in business and then again she's For the two thousand and 19 rage, this cute little chloe bunny and this cute little friendly. Obviously family is my nine year old chloe is my six year old and we absolutely love easter O show you my little easter collection down here that one looks like a little family get together next, look at how fun easter as we absolutely love it and you don't get a lot of it here in Australia and so to be able to find this personalized collections from sweetheart creative I'm absolutely over the moon I supporter last year that support are you this year and again she creates these beautiful wooden pieces from either Our band, boo that are made for babies, weddings, um easter Christmas and a variety so make sure you check the shell at again. Www dot sweetheart creative dot com. Today you full disclosure this is not a sponsored post. I've paid for full for all of these products. Um and I just wanted to share with you because I know many parents are always looking for fun little ideas for easter, but only for themselves, as family members, but equally for the classmates of these little bookmarks. Our a number alright, then I hope you have an awesome day. No matter where you are in the world and This is Andrew Jimmy, where are you focused on creating childhood memories through play, love and travel have an awesome day. bye

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