The Fatality Rate of COVID-19 Is Dropping

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Dr. Jeff Barke: The fatality rate for young people is way below that of influenza – if you're under 25, you're 50 times more at risk to die from drowning...

Posted 1 year ago

Marilene Joyce Allen 1 year ago

I have been shocked at how easily they stripped us of our freedoms and how many people just went along with not a peep

Bernard Spencer Jr. 1 year ago

Our children's future cannot be halted politicians don't give a s*** about them why should we give a s*** about them down with corrupt politicians vote them out

Justin Kent 1 year ago

Not true actually as deaths are also up.

Travis Berford 1 year ago

That’s because people are waking up to the false numbers

Leeanne Dowdell 1 year ago

A thousand dying a day is 👌
Until it’s someone you care about

Steve Lee 1 year ago

Wears a the white coat like a prop because the garbage coming out of his mouth is so ridiculous

Nancy Johnsen 1 year ago

It will no longer be more serious than Swine Flu on November 4th.

Leonard Orloff 1 year ago

More misleading info from Prager

Michela Anderson 1 year ago

Compared to what? The lies they were feeding us?

Chris Moore 1 year ago

This will be deleted by Facebook within the hour 🙄