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Beautiful As Well As Brilliant Baby 😘

The Way She Answers To The Questions 👌
hi baby hi how are you hi what is your name if you have a beautiful name just like you how old are you i am four years old very good i want to ask you some questions about india will you answer me who is the father of our nation one plus karamchand gandhi who is the president of india रहना होकर जी very good who is the prime minister of india modi very good what is the capital of india new good what is the financial capital of india mumbai i live in mumbai very good what is our national language what is a national animal தாய் and which is actually bird and raincoat and dance this side very good have you seen a pickup dancing yes nice and which is our national flower no love really really and our national tree national fruit mango i love man you know mangoes even i love mangoes which is a national sport very good which is our national song वंदे मातरम you know road वंदे मातरम क्या oh சந்தோஷ் very good and what is a national anthem என்ன ஊரு ஜனங்க very good and who made a shoes them and very good you so smart tyre what is the international shirts them it's a about आए aamir khan it's not about aamir khan aamir khan is hosting that serious okay ah you know there are many states in india ya हाँ मैंने twenty-nine very good and how many union territories seven very good can ask the capitalize of the state you know the capital ஆந்திர பிரதேஷ் அருணாச்சல் பிரதேஷ் bihar chhattisgarh go ஹரியானா very good மெர்சல் பிரதேஷ் சிம்லா ஜம்மு காஷ்மீர் நீ நாங்க ஜார்கண்ட் ராஜ் கர்நாடகா கேரளா மத்திய பிரதேஷ் wow manipur manipur imphal maharashtra mumbai mumbai very good ah meghalaya shillong mizoram i song nagaland o hima odisha bhubaneswar punjab chandigarh rajasthan jaipur sikkim tamil nadu chennai very good telangana tripura तालाब uttar pradesh lucknow uttarakhand dehradun west bengal kolkata alright your supervisor just too good you know ah the the union territories yes can you tell me which are the union territory semi chandigarh दादा दाम बनाती हूँ तो cheating my god you know the capitals of the union territories what is the capital of andaman and nicobar black very good dadra nagar haveli silvassa daman and you dabang delhi delhi its new delhi chandigarh चल बे cherry lakshmi i love you super bye love you love you love you you too good thank you

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