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WWE Now breaks down all the results from an incredible night at WWE Hell in a Cell!
Superstars went to hell and back as titles changed hands and history was made inside the W Thunder Dome. Hello everyone. I'm McKenzie Mitchell for W. Now with all the results for a wild W he presented by Skittles where the rainbow taste the Rainbow Warning spoilers ahead. Drew McIntyre wasn't just focused on retaining his title. He needed to crush Randy Horton's reign of destruction once and for all. McIntyre was a man possessed early on, but the devious Orton eventually turned his aggression against him as of brutality hit. Heights The two competitors found their way outside the ring to elevate it even further. The Viper lured the WW champion into a trap at the top of the steel structure. as Orton waited with a weapon far above the floor as the two heavyweights tried to head back down to firm ground. Orton sent McIntyre smashing down onto the announce table. Oh no. Mcintyre dodged an R for one last guest and landed a crushing claymore kick to hobble the legend Killer Horton cutting dodged a second claymore and landed ako out of nowhere to become world champion for the fourteenth time. Sasha Banks wanted nothing more than to be the boss of the cell and Bailey's title reign as they had in the past. The boss and Bailey pushed each other to limits in an epic showdown. banks was on the offensive early. But the punishment was raised to a whole another level when kind sticks entered the equation. The boss called off Bailey streak aggression with a fire extinguisher sprayed directly into the face of the champion. Banks then unleashed even more fury with relentless Kindle stick strikes. Bailey tried a creative ladder and chair set up to try and end the match, but banks countered with a ferocious Bailey to be finally a steel chard bank statement forced Bailey to tap out and ushered in a new era. As banks raised the SmackDown women's title to become a grand slam champion, it was officially boss time for the blue brand. It was a brutal family affair inside hell in a cell as Roman Reigns battle in an I quit match from the opening Bell. the tribal chief intended on getting respect of his cousin by any means necessary. The challenger fought through early spheres and put reigns on the brink with a couple of splashes. The cousins then up the punishment by trading lashes with an unforgiving strap a shattering. Superman punch and choke hold from Reigns left so nearly motionless in the ring with us refusing to utter the final two words and officials unable to stop the match. Jimmy UO finally broke into the steel structure as the tribal chief looked at the wreckage rains began to break down from the way he's been carrying as the head of the family. A shocking hold to Jimmy finally forced Jay to say I quit as the brothers could only bend the knee, while Reigns was ceremonial crowned the head of the family. Mustafa. Ali laid down an open challenge for MVP and Bobby Lashley on the W Helen Kickoff show the her business chose slap Jack as the Almighty opponent and the United States champion wasted no time laying waste to the retribution member. Lashley sent slap Jack into orbit by impressively throwing the challenger throughout the ring. The United States champion then used a full Nelson to force slap Jack's tap out The celebration was cut short as Mustafa Ali led retribution to attack Lashley as the war against the her business raged on the men tried. Everything to take the money in the bank contract and was fine ruining Otis life in the process. The A Lister orchestrated Mandy Roses trade to Raw and invoked law and Otis to try and try the contract. Judge JB set the match and Otis was motivated to keep the coveted contract in his possession. The working man superstar absorbed strikes with his powerful belly and toss the with his powerful upper body. John Morrison did all he could to help out his teammate but was eventually ejected from ringside with Otis had. Toward victory, Tucker shocked the WW universe with a briefcase attack on his long-time teammate. The miss was as stunned as everyone else and jumped in quickly for the cover before running off as the new mister money in the bank. Elias set out to bring sweet music in his in-ring return, but Jeff Hardy had his own encore plan. The Enigma brought the fight early, but Elias nearly claimed victory with a thunderous power bomb. Hardy changed his opponent's tomb with a whisper in the wind, but Elias slipped from the. Before the high flyer could deliver the final slash despite being in control party opted to inflict payback with a crushing guitar smashed to Elias and took the disqualification. The 24/7 title chaos came to the kickoff show. As our truth took on Drew go go began with an uncalled for of little Jimmy and then targeted his opponent with submission holds fueled by the disrespect. Truth battled back in defense of his 24/7 baby truth regained. Trolled by paying tribute to his childhood hero John Cena and finish it off with a Jack knife cover. The 42 time champion didn't have long to celebrate and ran from the W Thunder Dome as Lucha House Party and Akira chased him. Stay tuned to WW digital and social channels and make sure to tune in to Monday night Raw at 8/7c on the Usa Network for all the fallout from WW Helena.

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