Real Life Popeye Is A Champion Arm Wrestler | Facebook

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This real-life Popeye's hands and arms are enormous - no wonder he's a champion arm wrestler! 馃挭
Osborne gifted with the bigger hands and arms, and maybe there's a little tough at first but when I was a kid, I could I was strong as the bigger kids. I had to measure around the base. and come out to like five inches. The size we do it for you, you can see. So there's just like a like 12 and a quarter inches around. That's the that's a good size my forearm. right now is right around 19 a little over 19. I just stay equal as I grew up. I got good strength, hands and arms and legs, and it hasn't been much of a setback for me. I mean it's hard to get close and stuff to fit but for for doing stuff around the House strength helps farms works great it looks sometimes it just looks at me and some people. so that's that's kind of a nice little. Yeah. My biggest accounts with I would think is. I don't know and I'm I have to say it's probably the UAL belt on California. It's a four man round Robin Championship for the belt. Well, I've been to a lot of doctors. They're not really, you know really give me a straight answer. speculation but the views we have a bunch of tests on that show that I didn't have any of the stuff that they thought it would be because I I can accurately so I I don't know all the fascinating so. I met Jeff about 18 years ago. we were out at sisters night out and he walked into. I met him in a bar actually when you're not supposed to meet people and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him and it was vice versa. He made a little face to it me that he believed his. We go to a different town or out of state, then you kinda feel that's interest and you know talking in the and. Excitement he kinda creates wherever he goes a good and bad. you know we have both, but we always encourage people to come up and ask you know questions because we'd rather have you know the truth put out there rather than speculation. Got us to travel otherwise we stick around home quite a bit. We were home. We never went anywhere. so now we're exploring all over the country and meeting all kinds of new people and it's very exciting. Emmanuel all just work on them and cleaned up and shovel and digging and kinda keep me out my my strength and more flexible.

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