Arizona COVID-19 cases spike, calls for emergency plan

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After Arizona lifted its stay at home restrictions in the middle of May, coronavirus cases have spiked 115 percent. On Saturday, Arizona’s health...

Posted 1 year ago

Allison Weaver 1 year ago

Has there been any change in stay-at-home orders?

Jayson Oz 1 year ago

No mention of the large shoulder to shoulder protests which have been happening over the last 2 weeks? Odd.

Amanda Ridenour 1 year ago

Kelly Towne - thinking about you! Do you need masks?

Luis Galán 1 year ago

Alma Peretz ya van a empezar a retractarse de quitar las restricciones. 🤬

Paul Donovan 1 year ago

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Chris Olson 1 year ago

Holy crap Chris Webb !!!!

Susan Rams 1 year ago

Jennifer A Obstarczyk-Krause be safe this weekend!

Darla Williams 1 year ago

Come on. How many of these new cases are due to the availability of testing and/or the protests and riots?

Barb Macy 1 year ago