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Kelly Clarkson chats about her daytime NBC talk show and joining fellow American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson for The Voice Season 15.
-First of all,
congrats on "The Voice." -Thank you. -Your first season
out of the gate, you won. -Well, thank you.
-I mean, well, please. Oh, my God.
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Apparently, it's all
I know how to do, Jimmy. I'm just kidding. -You were bringing her on --
-I totally jinxed myself... -No.
-...for this season. -That was the first person that you turned
your chair around for. -Brynn was the first person I --
I turned my chair for, yeah. And then I --
It wouldn't have mattered. Like, honestly,
I didn't do anything. Brynn would have won
on anyone's team. She's magical, so... -And she's gonna
go on tour with you? -Yeah, she's opening --
and Kelsea Ballerini, we're starting in January,
so it's cool. We're --
Yeah, its -- Well, and I'm doing this thing
to kind of prep for my talk show that's gonna be next year, but we're doing a live segment
during my show, so every night on tour,
we're going live online, like, so people that
can't come out or whatever... So, yeah,
so we're doing a bunch of... -Well, this season --
-I've got a lot of jobs, Jimmy! -No, this is --
[ Laughter ] This is a big announcement, because this
has not been announced yet, but you're getting
your own talk show. -Yes.
Well, it's been leaked, so... [ Cheers and applause ] -Hey, that's a big deal!
-I know. -Let's get into it.
-I know, I'm very excited. -We're going head-to-head
at 11:30? -Yeah!
[ Laughs ] -How dare you take my job!
Please. -No. Are you scared? -Is it because
of the dad moment? Is that what it was?
I lost every-- -Trust me.
I have many mom moments. No, I didn't think
I'd ever do it, but then I -- Yeah, we shot the pilot,
and it's kind of -- Well, I love talking. It's, like,
my favorite pastime, so... -I know you're a great guest.
I mean, please. -Well, it is hard, though.
I was telling you earlier, like, it's hard
for me to shut up, though. Like, you know,
you have to listen to people that come on your show.
[ Laughter ] And I just keep talking. -Don't worry about that.
-Yeah. -I think you should
just keep talking. -Don't worry about them.
-Don't worry about them. You don't have
to listen to anybody. People want to hear you. -That's the only thing
I got to work on is listening. -But this is daytime. -Yeah, we're on right before
"Ellen," so, yeah. -Oh, my gosh!
-Right before Ellen, yeah. -That's gonna be
a good block right there. -Yeah, I'm not nervous
at all about it. [ Laughs ] -Do you have a band? -Yeah, my band, actually.
That's the cool thing. Like, yeah, my people on tour. 'Cause my show's actually gonna
be a little different than, you know,
anything that's been on -- Just because I'm still touring.
I still have music. You know what I'm saying? So it's kind of one of those
things where my band is on the road with me,
or they're on the show with me and doing stuff, and we sing
every day on the show and do, like,
this fan request thing. It's fun.
-Really? -On the pilot I got, you know, people to sing with me
and do a little skit. It's very musical, as well.
-Wow. It would be weird
if it wasn't so... -Yeah. -Yeah,
but if you don't like music, you probably shouldn't watch.
[ Laughter ] -No, you don't say that.
-Yeah. -Everyone's welcome.
-I mean, it's amazing. -Even if you don't like music,
you got to watch. -Only for
the intellectual elite, yeah. -This will be great.
And "The Voice" this season, it's you, Adam, Blake...
-Mm-hmm. -...and Jennifer Hudson.
-Jennifer Hudson, yeah. -Yeah.
And how's Jennifer? -She's so great.
-Really? -Like, we've done some stuff
together before, but she's really just
a beautiful person, and, like --
just, like, inside and out. And, like, so fun. -You both got your start on --
-"Idol," yeah. -"American Idol."
-Yeah. -Oh, interesting.
-Yeah, small world, but... -This will be good coaches.
-And we went in different, you know, paths --
like, she won an Oscar. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, but, hey. -So...
-Eh, whatever. Big deal. -And I've seen an Oscar.
[ Laughter ] So...
-You've seen it. -Seen it.
It was really pretty. -Yeah.
I want to show everyone a clip. Here's a look at the new season
of "The Voice." Kelly Clarkson. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -No! ♪♪ [ Cheering ] -They both did it!
They both turned! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -What are you doing?
No hitting! -Ah. -This is strategy.
'Cause I was like, "He ain't gonna press it,"
and I'm gonna go real quick, and then you did it!
-That's what I was doing! You did it because I did it. [ Laughter ] -He's a liar.
-Got right in his face. Kelly Clarkson, everybody! The new season of "The Voice"
premieres Monday, September 24th, at 8:00 p.m.,
on NBC.

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