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Zambian Watchdog

Posted 1 year ago in Politics
Catherine Chipango
Catherine Chipango1 year ago

Well spoken you are trully a Zambian I support you bravo.the pf has done a lot of damange to this country and the people of Zambia.we have been for the result of the gassing innocent people lost their lives,mukula,the 48 hoses ministers being rich overnight. We want to know the truth.

Edward Simfukwe
Edward Simfukwe1 year ago

Well said MCC Chipoka. That was Powerful.

Abbas Abdiel Tryson
Abbas Abdiel Tryson1 year ago

Yes not targeting one person bring them all those were involved during privatization no one should be left out

Brian A. Situmbeko
Brian A. Situmbeko1 year ago

Great response my good friend.

Siku W Mutale
Siku W Mutale1 year ago

Abundances the Carrington maize scandal expensive roads honeybee contaminated drugs the list is endless.

Kingsley Lilamono
Kingsley Lilamono1 year ago

Well said. I support you 100%. We should not be blinded by the vindictive actions of PF. It is totally unacceptable. That is called bad governance. The commission of enquiry must address all those issues. To me the issue of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu should be the first one because he is the President of my country. I want to know how he mademore than K20m in one year so that the citizens can also do so. Then the people of this country will move from poverty to middle class. I want that done NOW.

Emmanuel Mufwaafwi
Emmanuel Mufwaafwi1 year ago

You forgot the 48 houses without the owner you can't own a farm and you wake up one morning you fine someone has raised 48 houses in your own land and wen you are asked if you have an idea of the houses your answer is I don't know the owner then you must be sick actually you must be a mad man becoz such can't happen in yo own territory wthout yo knowledge

Wise C Mudeene
Wise C Mudeene1 year ago

This is what my ears are expecting to hear

Best Chikanko
Best Chikanko1 year ago


Muwowo Stephenson
Muwowo Stephenson1 year ago

Everybody wants to know