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Sorry you didn't get that role in Friday Night Lights Matteo Lane. Their loss tbh
You can hear my gay boys right Look at all these progressives. No, I just I know you wanna wear running issues with it is because first of all when you become a comedian everybody around you like your agent or manager, they convince you that now you have to become an actor like you've got an audition get in there. Get in sick comes go be a star so like I went out, I did this like audition and I was like I'm gonna do I'm gonna be an actor and they always like bullet point like what your character description is gonna be So you know with my gay voice, this is very difficult like this one was like alright Is your character? His name is Zach. He's 19 and he's a football player Well, that's gonna have a secret to share with everyone Just so stupid and also like I know what I look like I'm Italian and I'm also Mexican so like from here up I just look like a deli worker Oh I have when I called deli face like without gay boys. I probably sound like my friend or whatever Oh yeah Oh yeah That could be like it's own musical like deli man like come get your it's in my grinder profile I'm so sick of grinder. I'm on it and I know you I know who's on it I grinder is the Pokemon go of the past grinder Yes Okay. First of all. Let me just say this because everybody else was straight like we have our own grinder. We have Tinder calm down Tinder is to happen compared to grinder like Tinder. It shows you how far someone is, but like the mile grinder shows you how far someone is by the foot which is why I think they should call it fruit by the foot but that's better than you imagine Oh I think about growing up and the first gay person that I saw on television was three Yes the Richard Simmons of Space save three to say this he got gear and each Star Wars movie like the first movie. He was just sort of like oh my but then like By return of the Jedi literally at one point, he goes Lord Robots arms don't go up like that and his whole thing too is like I'm fluent in over six million forms of communication and you chose gay Brett it's so every disney cartoons gay now question every single dislike here to reach a far Prince boo. Okay Yeah. You really wanna fuck Jasmine got it. I mean if you wear jewel and your best friends a parent, your game So annoying I was such a gay kid You know what I mean I was such a good. I mean there was no hiding. I mean like so I do. I'm very very Italian. I grew up on the same block as my first 20 - two cousins. I used to go home every single day after preschool and I would run to my cousin's basement. My cousin Megan had these ruby Red slippers and I loved them. I would put them on and walk around in it and it never the kids never shamed me. I mean they just they're picking their nose and shit in their pants. They don't give a shit right? It is Who shames you? It's always the adult who pulls you aside and tells you you're different. This is wrong. You shouldn't do this gender roles. I mean it's like I remember I still hold on to the shame. I remember the first time I was shamed I will never ever forget it. My uncle Mike hold me aside and he said material Why aren't you outside playing football like all the other boys and I looked at him and I said, Well, it is very hard to catch a football while you're running in these heels like I

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