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Naruto VS 3rd Raikage Full Fight.
Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 (English DUB)
Now I need him to buy me some time, so that it last that can finish up summoning him now. I guess I'll take over honestly in the allied forces. There isn't a stronger when style user than me yeah. There is Wait no help. What you doing here, that feels like real styles. You think because the newest sand on it just might work it No, that still isn't good enough, not but this cloak of collecting yeah. I know right okay you're always Super fast So that's what he was trying to do It's not news trusted again gotta distracting or will never had Okay, when it comes back It's gonna get We file a strong this can actually work feeling you hurry up move. It right Yes, ha My lord third you're so strong that, frankly it's fright night No way rest ensure can didn't work Looking right his eyes changed a moment ago, it appears that he's been completely taken over What is that all of you, men who back from road right now and you are style she know, be get a loan up immediately. Everyone link up alright together or sell great mom. all Just first let me down Why North thirds most powerful need you so confusing for finger, trusted him. He pulls like, like chocolate into his fingertips. This strike complements lighting style just perfectly. I could cause. She senses lightning gleam sauces story Everyone get as far away as possible right now. No way since we know where is gonna come through. We should all focus on that spot. Everyone on God, yeah would Mark a little payback for all the times. We miss this guy before now. Stop. Listen to what the clubs you know, we told you Yeah He switch to the three finger to salt what is it with that you too, anyway it's way too strong. He took down dozens by himself in an instant the few of the fingers he uses the more focused the energy and that's the thrust of hell gets more powerful. It's the third lord's invincible speed that he can handle it because it's like mix style, also makes this body manageable. It is ultimate shield seriously. Is that all man, even human at said he's the only should help you to have gone head to head with the tail to beast on armored and armed wow God you're, nothing short of awesome Oh what is it so. What's up with that up with what just look that their score is just the pieces impeccable as you say, is and how to get that he didn't even flinch against my rust ensure can of that he was wounded when he stopped details who is on a rampage or third party by himself to protect the cloud evening the eighteenth hurt him. He stated that it was the most A moment of his life, but other than saying that he never spoke of it any further at all, not even lord fourth knows the details. Okay. I get that ordinary tax won't affect them, but if you got injured, fighting a tails and the eight til strongest, you too is speaking of eight tails tell baseball Wait what is this does not have another jew through This is a tale of a beast mom, just like a tales. I didn't think it was possible for jenn choi key in human form to handle such a heavy chocolate speed It is possible, as I suspected what happened just now damn it. I still can't do it yet. His chocolate clock is dissipated. He can do it. Hey bendy guy. I gotta talk to a doctor pops in the eighteen now, but how can I get in contact with him. You can go through the common core and then have Intel unit captain in the connect. You with lord, be I gotta go look for a conquer Ocean, ob you're in luck was that because I am a calm course you know, be some White to watch out He's with strong is three finger self he's going to just knock us out Or don't die, the hidden cloud. What do you need in order to wants to talk to lord being a chance and you arrange that as quickly as possible, while the third buy khaki and still chasing after the ball, you didn't look like you had me inside that ball, but it got me out hit me behind the boulder pending guy shirt things fast thanks for that. Thank you guys know I'm trying to talk to after pops, for a little one The third is probably going to catch on right away so don't count on having too much time to come first right No, let me get this straight. You, wanna talk to be in a sales but aren't you with them you're supposed to be working together, not right now, at any size, look never mind. Please just chevy in touch with them quickly. I don't have any time to waste No toes going on a heck hurry up and finish your business it's taking forever the urge to be is beyond one. 's control you see hmm takes concentration so right now, let me focus on my relation. This just isn't the time for your kind of interrogation or switch places. No tell what's going on you seem to be in a hurry hey downs you battle the third right before right yeah Long time ago, he was really strong. Could take some serious punishment once we even shop online tails with this move, the one finger to salt so how did you manage to give grandpa khaki that scar on his chest. Oh with my tell the piece Bob. I think, maybe maybe not just we both collapse forward completely spent gets two points to attack. I don't remember much beyond that Could be Thanks details shop to what this is different than before grandpa rock is headed here now I can sense him. You just stay out of the way the guy there's, something that I wanna try up I understand Bro's a God Everyone say out of this fight and sealing course stand by yes, sir. I don't know what you want to means to do, but that's an ordinary rosson kind of is that really going to be enough His invincible spirit will pure student returns arms and legs without a doubt I'll have been brought back to be half dead. Sage moved from any with this. I can sense danger over wider range and faster no, I just need to get out of way I can write for his arm You work just like I thought of look, I see so that scar on his chest that's how it happened That was quite a shock move when I talking some details told me to pack when he fought against the third dog ate both of them fell Ford ready to attack. I just figured. He must've gotten the scar by stabbing self in the chest with his own move, that's why he was always so embarrassed to find

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