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Gogo Langalibalele uzosichazela umehluko phakathi ko Kuthwasa no Kuthwala. Umbona kanjani umuntu othwele?

Wozani nemibuzo.

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It's about Pms Ian Iga Nessie Babu, go and Goines Passengers' Yeah, but but my in Nico's, jessy lona Asus, let's say, and I was some elements Howm a Pola wess we can do why. Put on it's not always the case here, so it's not always the case. Goss zeland, especially Lando and Amado. We are man who was the catalyst or not the man the Boyd Rosie Iga phones' different. Gordy Paisa Diaz It's Desu Debo is in the event in local and the in victorias to go and we are we are a good choice. What would you a graduate in my back? Yes Emon make peace with everything. I mean more as a PA believe to promote your Mobile was one of kind of what we are. Let's candela are not. ito ang pusa so i want you to succeed which is focused mula banta bago may mayor focus on naman mga niloko papel na masubsob salamat bataan I the second. So when you are, yeah, he has to in the way we are Boosie. The Sound of eh I need. ▁ငါ့ ချစ် စွန့်ပစ် ခြင်း တိုင်းရင်းသား ▁ငါ့ ဆို ခွင့် မှန်တယ် ပေါ့ ▁ဘာ ပို ရ ပို Yeah, this is my day Ila me-I pendants that Ila I was like every day gave me what are the sick to my mom? I'm my way so no more. My mom got the call. I got this. I got this time in this is the time to call us. A- one Tomas corner, who's like I Love Vga pain so much that now that we are the ones they suzan. Toog zinn Zain os's plants that look like two faces. Yeah. I think it's trees beautiful. Myst is a-bomb I had to Iman is pure or it's Aman Amanda. Layton लोगों The Morelos in confidence and if you go to one another which we are, we are yaba Agm as a tactical like I'm not doing Eman in Myer Tagg water mamasan that we need one. I feel to understand what we have learned tomorrow, but I had to go. What about that? Wouldn't it was I was a Coke Was' business or Israel's the Coke and Boozer once again, I know right now, I hope this is in no-I able to my kera and talk of we are the women. In the pulpit as a he has in next door, God-damn Margo will be we are wise's in your in your public as Carlo. Yeah, My what you call on we are born with Usno Theys Andy's. One two three लिखाया And what was that was that was or who are? Mobile Ian yeah yeah so it depends I say We are in the we are by the Queen. Yeah, we're not lao. I believe Yes, I did that. locker therathiel du aber aber gut I'm to my I need to go I want to keep or your kids alone. it depend on to what it on or or Norman you do it as I find out be careful with that I. Toan My name of faith Kanye Myra, I was Uber. Yeah, I'm getting a call I woke up to see you on Sunday. I was your mother who's stubborn to toji, so I figure I would at me so that as I understand that's caused by so one example. Six years. Because of the fundamental and we're in the so let's us cut cutts, so we all feel and you need to me-I. Ouch mommy naman to us. Mm-hmm Ian about getting to get back so I want to Mark down what you go to my God. Do I I want to go to go in the inside and no matter what. I want Ohm's Wess marti we are feel like in the andro, but we are free today. I am now we are going to equal So how about getting by on my. Not on how to go to a Gumbo. So I was on Durango is the Dian bassman No-I Wednesdays to in. That point the good news. so yes, this Islam's born and also to my Ipa, Nami saying about what I'm being attacked Productivity Assn of Angola in the elevenths Peggy. So you can. Oh, so kass aboutme he's xing Andres Willie Sias for Bova. So now this Cato Morena you-know-who every time I'm begg not tokes. I don't know I can see. Oh, no. I'm good. No. no. no. I'm sorry. it's English Black and whites Wess South Africa Avela Toru and I don't. Toan gula Aa's Babel calls and I Gopi Inta and I'm okay it goes the in the soul and it's called you know what's in it. Lion P Iming, a passo and I understand that he is calling us so that's done Todag Andean No Manas 40 Morelos Michaels, meaning. explain than I am watching this live as they It's as it's called it's called cells. To which is called according the eh, oh Ugo Moji, but this is called mussed to his covers, especially with Siwa Gael Luba Hela upon this is my son threatened ikan. course And again, I'm told I'm doing this is but I knew so. By the finally, Mba, I want to as a Serbs, I'm controlling. I'm with the new soon' the in. And tell fuck up You woman manz Begg puzzle is that kind of minding your own kingdom Callie Yang and I'm not Obama our kyo. I is to understand no-I in icone buses are abandoned by Americas Dew's so that is going. Ian Inna, let's say when a man you can give me call shii. what's the seven side Imus come child is coming to GG. We'll go to church. I'm seven. I'm one. And I was doing my, I said, Well, let me help me with nothing. And it's what gets us young people confused about this ancestral. It's because our parents don't tell us and we end up suffering in our lives and we end up no way and in my opinion on that to see as a country, we must not forget our history. We must not forget that we come from a history that told us we see we were preparing the hunger so what we're doing traditional things men were evil. They told us it would say. Is a witch So our parents sometimes take us because even when you look at the history of why most people doesn't even going so that's it meant you get better jobs. It means you can at home school. It's not make your life better. so we need to be that generation that know it you can connect and fight and then no-I know your culture and knowing who you are. that doesn't make you a week or doesn't reup it. So we need to change the history we need to change it for our children and other Zimbabwe all with an additional seven place. Yeah, I understand the food and it is true because it's not like Bala ignore but no, but you know other than wess I-land my baby like forgetting but what I got to know we have Uss Toan. It's a good fun and what's really cool. It goes Sosa understand the God who wouldn't And God said that the it was the people I'm gonna go to are you coming to Oh my oh quick because it's Shai is and so that is done. I was a cooler and my over my lose weight. so. It's by we'll figure out who your your hands or Goss event, but about the -A Canty. We are Gui Ando every year we are born. So in important what amazing so सबसे because when you travel to other countries you realise Sorry, I lost eh, eh, eh eh in a week, and we realize how much they know about us and how much they are valuing history and museums about our own history and even in like the Albans about our own history Ints Ofer Africa Sosa. It's an Africa move on your Google You can Google Adil our history because Tina our parents did not teach us who we are sacrifices. So we need to make sure we're tosi history to see Peninsula is cuz it's my. I think my nigga in the but eh. taking your burning awareness is my network Toan I agree with your statement. I bet you this 10 you you you can ask any person next to you. Oh, we know it's ando and before them, I'll bring our parents need to tell a DNA that is so true It's it will be so nice to know exactly who is my mother's love of my especially these days of so many of us being born out of weight loss. We'll go to aminos. You have lost our sense of being. I think even if I know or they are not that you don't longest easy you guys I got it. I think for a woman to be in. it's very important to us to you know no man. we meet two more. It's important. That's why we're go to so that you know no. Yeah, there's a very important point is that a lot people will try we have spent an hour and unfortunately we can't ask and all the questions but now in the that's not what this is So a Hindu cuz right now my Orly. People have been sending me is like you're a-z English. I'm going to a new, wasn't those how to know how normal or? Yup, so I was a good time and Shabbat hoban. no. give sila manila rescue puso uminom din oh naman pagod sugod na lang ninyo pati hindi budget nasa san juan lining foods may businessmen So, We are Zim go to connect Thailand is you're not gonna see that they got america-anything my man 00 Iria a bit to ask God to me and I'm going to toss Solas challenge and I'm with Ass' Wise's. Sokal eh. Yeah and then when the community in It''s Tess every three months or every month we are we are a mars' Bess because we got so. as a feeling so my phone Mei I'm sorry so go to feel less than you niggas on Whats the secret. That's why I mean, are we we come in and we are confident we need anointing and I'm me-I 123 Toan is and Atlanta you might end up on this. At the end of the day and we are so she haven't done by A-z Iga, a business and what I can cover and I am. Ansa, Oh my God. Hey, guys I cannot see I I I got it. Your mic is not connected, so I do not know what is happening. It's your mic is not connected and guys so good. It's a no-I look cuz usually when this happens. Because it's it's connected. I'm so sorry guys. I do not know what happened The Howard I did try to un-mute, but it has sound is it a mic is not connected or some mandi Gabi Now we are going to of baar. We are and you would say we're in let me just check with your local in the meantime guys now, I'm not conducted things as we go so we cannot be able to answer my questions and I find it but for now able to get in touch, I have just put a number. And okay, I'm just gonna call her. Togo a cock. No, I don't think he would. Okay. So. She will be coming back she's trying to reconnect and. so some issues not. And she will be coming at she will be coming back guys. Sorry, I just had to send a message so I'm going to satans it and so we are in a secret. Yeah. Did you miss it? This is the issue. please don't give up yes. It's me. Yeah. She's coming back, Let us wait she'll be back soon. Magnet. Maybe some of your comments and mando. Please guys, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. We're trying to get to a hundred thousand subscribers by subscribing to YouTube is absolutely free. please do subscribe and support the channel and let us grow together and also don't forget to Amato Peake, eh, eh, eh. Nikki just give me a second, I need to send this message. Okay, Just send me a message Let's see that Sosa in English. Mtn Abuja cuisine and as in the. invite. I'm you'll be Aman Coco is giving us so much information free. Hey hi from Botswana toh one. I worked with a guy who was in love as in Jain and what's a change? That's how I hear it. What are you Bess andro at how and when I love it. and five four seventy famous definitely concept with that for him all action to that is something not sense when we are in this is not pad fantastic very good after thank you so much thank you so much Bye. What's he saying, and she will be with us. That's a Koma was supposed to be now. This is actually very good. seren. Please answer me. That's you-know-who rain is it for the whole day or is it the one that's a pillow at some point in income comes back later on. For it sounds like a very good idea. Let's say I got the hey well I'm Peggy. So that's yeah. it's you're out and you bring your manual me-I me pick up my I'm saying I get when I get so when I I Pei Montego a semi respect. Well, this is that is nice month to month, and this is very nice cuz I think we're gonna have it for a very long time. You must just have every Monday to Monday and Tuesday. We're gonna keep having this conversation. It's very nice. It's very interesting. I was Zambia. Hey, I'm there is my second home guys. I love Zambia. Zambia is my second home aag. Thank you so much Google. Why L I S. this Uta from take a look, I'll send it to you. I will do it after the show. I will do it. I think it's it's a very good idea. not in the which is the time and not miss each other. Okay. don't worry guys We have a. Oh my. Anna Yes, hey, it's gonna be so yeah, it's it's actually much cheaper than no. I'm not that. I'm not that for those of you about Me-I has seen a byo in Coco. Please keep it for future and I was in the world and I'm in the world class. but I'm not. I was bad food. It's about by 20 degree in the was tossed by correspondents. Oh, I wanted to go to Zanzibar this year. Please invite me. I wanna come to Zanzibar. I love Zanzibar. I haven't even been there, but I would love to go there. I You-know-who Pola Yay. Thank you so much. Thank you so much novas for the Super chats. Thank you so much are you guys. I will see you can support the channel by clicking on the chances and donating anything any amount. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful. I'm a thank you so much this is going to go towards Nara that I appreciate the. Please guys do support the channel if you can, I'm musso Vere Ella Mazin Catalina was the same liese Coco is back. She is just connecting. Thank you so much guys for your patience. Hey police. We understand and we are so we are taking a lot of your time, but we've come with solution. We're gonna get you in the page but we will talk after the show. Thank you so much I really appreciate it so the question was cracking in that that. Goss one. Coco Yael Frias and as a thank you so much. yes. Thank you guys and donate to the panel. Thank you for the Super chat. It's so easy to do the Super chats and any amount is great. Yeah we have in the back. Kanda eh, Gabe, What's that was just what to buy what to tell them in a Sunday morning. Shena a message with my e-j Moana, is in just isn't just Adrian Was' Goldy has Gui have a woman in a Andre Somali You and a.m. is a Edi forgetten. that's a sad to go to your keeper. I am your keep Dugan Isabel, but Asha Barba never-never more than nine among our what you say so. Is so starting tomorrow as long as there's a Indus begg in the land of as poore is see what aa's so lazy and ass' Bonnie Begg in Doss Begg in a. Gandhi Soma one -A so yeah and the apples and I want to remind you see I would say it's a kiss by you and the Bible is so this is kain young one -A I figure Oh to be here When the. Nih now the problem is nica Magan avis your woman cocina seven to eight this niggas Again Again my so I am in I'm doing an amazing. learn about Ivana about good-by. We will have Caton, we won the UE Carla Pms Pasco Linda Andra Candi with the Lord and the Luba. I Sickbay Ivan seven. Celia Besar Maan So magan who's A- one and I have to cuz I got you know I feel like I could be. rating out their terms and condition that we don't read when signing up point to say when they next thing we have table next year This is my team I was born in your corner, Blas and those are they say Mumm or whatever I feel when the moon water. water my apples and ila eh. Hey, It''s Andreas Gauls shii We are We are so much in the foodland the moon I'm as of seven as a slave. So that is why. Good-by fagots, but some are new I'm in this to me or something Now let's us ladies. This is a God was' no way I was so we'll see so the real spirit I will not. Esse carro a gente distribui a ser. os mundo. Yeah, I'm like a more by-and-by you. I'm not. I'm young music, which is so we are gonna go to Mont Toan, Issa Kamari Me-I prefer to move to kinda like I need to Rosie and the eagles like who I Linda Neer. I will because who can oh mama or Orton and as to what the unusal good thing I Google tell me more and I got this way If yes, what do we go to and we will. To me this is progression again the mela baali number two wins going to go to a friend and is in it's all the same card. Yeah. go Go go and millions of man. He does love their God and it's locally heavy no-I kass so I don't know what's in the Bible study Why Egan Iga we can about from the water. because English It's going down baby. Limang tayo mga binebenta mo sabihin and all Don't mind me saying it's a band we We Are you have you can use the one who can look at the or go to manto. So how about you what I feel I have a bullying gula Linda Piso Mae's second god-damn. Oh my God of Suan man. mind open. In the you could experience and putting your essence of so Now, it's time essie Aleja Eagles' and It''s Hassan Alu Ian tacos in it, so it was a good thing to call me. As a will and a man. Stand up to को ऐसे kept for longer then we thought what advice can you give us especially level what to look out for each what advice can you feel so What advice can you give us? This Sba accepted vava we want to we'll see in the world that I'm very dangerous. aur What we all feel is and those are those lagging in love to go out into Imperial Mays Byo Russ of also because I I was so don't be. nothing oh my god but in terms of ticket is what what sometimes and now most or Welcome to access to to man who was water-way There's amon that a. I will going to speak to and to you, I have a cellphone that day so just a question go to call those Joseph's a book about your sisters go to school to suzan to up here. Abandonne Linda Was' winans of mind, saying put that nigga she never the Cowboys of Alu Poohs Naal go to Tomas. I hope you don't. খায় Not from the and I'm in the I don't understand that and some will not me you and this-we're Orin wouldn't be so look at that. wess it man. I'm with my man. It's like oh, it's a fun day. What do people must be careful in that tattoo? I go to the No-I Enda and I know what to look out for that a business or a guy, and then what do we look out for in terms of that and in the in the name how to protect ourselves from that? It. In terms of are you going to Mali young and it's that you go to is so what atan nobody is in the now. Are we so none of us are laid but at the end of the day they will need to go to the Google Bao A- four toan something Kanga man's similar sitting on us with which to have that and to go. Okay, c'est pourquoi? By-and-by I was go to canga Ohm's Awwa one -A Ipo was' child You realize Andes like this event, you can be like a you know, Elle Iban was' explain that because Nami and what and what egan. We told them to be. Hey, everyone. I'm sorry guys. we couldn't answer all the questions reports of money and we were supposed to do an hour. We have 15 minutes over. it's cati it will Goss and thank you so much guys for your patience and for watching my Coco please contact what kind of. That was fun. I'm more don't forget I know it has three. Angie Nabba ya y Loco Thank you so much Sega and let us continue the fights to flatten the curve in your coffee because it guys. I'm a business owner, so we need to make sure it's a lot of money. Yeah, that one 's a lot of Paga I wanted to show you guys those of you who haven't seen this you know it's a it's a know it's business. You guys so some of the things that we look down upon Amaya. When does it seem it doesn't make your own products just click on and find him go to, but it doesn't to do it and it's It is a reach for Thank you so much Coco Allis eh. Oh my I'm like a from Monday. Hey Y'all it's Pss. Manuel Aending I'm and I'll be more than five for me more than one in Manila for the son who was a.m. Benton to Google. Good at challenge is over they will understand very fully what we no longer be on Africa Toan and I was Daniel's my nigga. wo ist der ball wo ist der wasser von der türkei haben wir eine whatsapp ist ganz Thank you so much we have to go to that. We enjoy so much so guys. Thank you so much and see you tomorrow tomorrow we have almost in Cabella. We're currently in a diaries Andrus from TV from whisper. I'm sure you're gonna enjoy him. It's join us at seven. We're gonna be chilling with almost like we're in diaries. Thank you so much. I love each and everyone of you guys. Bye. Bye. I love you is free.

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