PSA: Everybody Should be Afraid of PKAY

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PSA: Everybody Should be Afraid of PKAY, he is BAD News. #MagrahebRawTalk

Posted 1 year ago

Cephas Rockk 1 year ago

Military man wey u de joke ?
U no de fear for ur life?
Me d pressups wey u go do wey I dey think oo

Awonmaami Dee 1 year ago

Oh Francis... Edey pain you oooooo.. Say people like Pkay den Capito be international guys.... You sekof you be native of latebio quashi nu不不不不不不 you wan portray them as bad... You no go succeed... Wua San dudu

Jessica Duncan 1 year ago

You are fraud wai

Korsah Peter 1 year ago

Magraheb TV nowadays you are influence by opambour's (prophet 1) spirit

Berthiaume Christopher Russell 1 year ago

Everyone is currupt what about you magrehab, nowadays u don't mention Capito name are guys now friends, thank God荊

Eura Akua 1 year ago

He good pass you

Jonas Kwofie 1 year ago

Eiiiii this man every day u bring now story

Akwasi Owusu 1 year ago

Metaphoric video a good pointing device. It actually knows who it's talking to.

Theophilia Amo - Owusu 1 year ago

See your face hmm

Mizta Rudes 1 year ago

Leave P Kay alone. Hes always bn a good guy. He Was my mate at sch.