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Paul Wesley is back! Tell Me A Story premieres Tuesday at 9/8c! Stream next day free only on The CW.

Posted 1 year ago in TV & Movies

Amanda Bray 1 year ago

Awesome been waiting patiently! I am huge fan cant wait

Mehreena Ahmad 4 months ago

This was a great show. Too bad it got canceled. Maybe bc of the pandemic..? Could they bring it back? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I hope the hiatus has made hollywood realize it doesnt need to rush and prolong shows forever and ruin their storylines (I'm talking bout TVD). Take your time and create masterpieces. Bring the magic back. 💥

Fernando Lopez Gaona 1 year ago

I hope to see this show. I was very impressed by you on The Vampire Diaries I really like your character I am on season 4 and about to finish it hope that you will do more shows and keep your acting career going. HUGE FAN be safe and keep your distance from people due to Covid-19.

Candice Ann 1 year ago

I didn't know he was in it. I have been wanting to see this show. Cannot wait. I want to watch TVD again too I have watched it like 3x.
I miss TVD. It's best out of the 3 shows meaning the spinoffs

Cristy Aguilera 1 year ago

You are so beautiful Paul and you have an amazing eyes...😘😘😘

Rita Belway Esparza 1 year ago

So is the show that’s premiering Tuesday on the CW a new season or are they going to show the first two seasons?

Lauren Sutherland-Cook 1 year ago

I hope you guys pick this up for more seasons than just the two!

Nina Munoz 1 year ago

Is it only on the cw or is on Netflix too

Fonseca Diane 1 year ago

When we could watch it on HBO?

Jade Kimberly Hill 1 year ago

Wish it would com on netflix I need a new series to watch after vampire diarys twice v wars and once upon a time x how do I get this in UK ? X