Lad's Journey From 2 Pull-ups To 20

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This lad's improvement is seriously impressive 👏

Posted 8 months ago in Fitness & Workouts

Wayne Wilkins 8 months ago

All about repetition and consistency. Personally I’m doing the same thing. I’m 80kg and managed to do a set of 25 now.
Massive kudos to this guy though. He’s 108kg!!

Moritz Schmid 8 months ago

Those are chin ups.. anyway.. keep it up! :)

James Pinington 7 months ago

Yep. If you practise something, you get better at it. Who’d’ve thunk it!?

Paul Kent 8 months ago

Jesus does he need his misses to open jars for him

Paul Wilson 8 months ago

Hes using a wide grip. Much harder

Dan Dav 8 months ago

The lads improvements are serious impressive unlike the video which is seriously 💩