Can Captain America lift Thors Hammer in Avengers?

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Can Captain America lift Thors Hammer in Avengers?

Posted 1 year ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Gamology - Gamers On Board 1 year ago

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Damien Voorhees 6 months ago

Why does tony sound like antman in the MCU lmao

Heath Williamson 6 months ago

Cap should lift it; he doesn’t have to fake to preserve Thor’s feelings since he’s not there so the wobble doesn’t make sense

Aaron Roberts 5 months ago

Only Fjord can lift the hammer :D or maybe Grog :p I thought I recognized his voice

Dio Ortiz 5 months ago

I wouldn’t even want to lift the remote to play this horror.

Kendal Merrick 5 months ago

But can the dev team make this game “playable”

Elijah Dawkins 3 months ago

I wish Natasha and Cap just lifted it and spun it around or something since in the comics they both lift it.

Cameron Brown 5 months ago

I have not seen any actual fight gameplay from this game. All I've seen is gameplay of them walking around the safehouse.

Steve Toppo 11 months ago

There is vision that can lift Thor's hammer.

Nate Ozanich 5 months ago

One thing to consider is when the game was made