Veterans Deserve Hope

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More than 1 in 10 homeless adults are veterans.

Posted 3 years ago in Social Issues
ATTN: Video
ATTN: Video3 years ago

Let’s #ChooseToServe our veterans. To learn more, visit:

Allie Sampurna Barkalow
Allie Sampurna Barkalow3 years ago

I pray & donate for their needs to be taken care of.

Deborah Mathon
Deborah Mathon3 years ago


Ade Chapman
Ade Chapman3 years ago

What sort of disgusting UK or usa government past or present allows their vets to be homeless. Wankers

Judy O'Day
Judy O'Day3 years ago

We should not even have a homeless community in any city or state in this Country. Shame o. Is for having this happen to our beautiful nation. We need to help these people. Trumpmismso worries about the Dreamers, he has not given a second though to our homeless families. Meet the, help now. They need it more than anything.

Nancy Morawiec Averbuj
Nancy Morawiec Averbuj3 years ago

They deserve respect and a home.

Laurie Bathke
Laurie Bathke3 years ago

No, nothing has gotten better.

Valyri Ann Steel
Valyri Ann Steel3 years ago

Homeless veteran checking in here!

Billy Vance
Billy Vance3 years ago

I don't want to be among the estimated 22 vets a day who commit suicide. But the VA is not vet user friendly. More vets need to be hired in the VA facilities.

Terry Marie Whitman
Terry Marie Whitman3 years ago

This is despicable esp as we allow illegals in with their broods of children and give them everything they need... makes me sick!