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To celebrate Bradley Walsh鈥檚 Birthday, here are 3 reasons why we love the man himself. We still can鈥檛 get over that Dick Tingeler reaction 馃槀

What is the cartoon cartoon character character character? Andy Andy Andy Capp, Capp, Capp, known known known known as. as as as in in in in Germany? Germany, Germany AD Tingler. You've been some money today. What do you like to do with it? I'm 30 this year so so I'd I'd like like to to have have have no. no. no. yeah, yeah, yeah, I am I I am. am. no. Now, you're not you're not. So you can be flirting with me on the telly. When I turned 50, I thought I'm gonna watch on the chase. You're not 50. You're joking 50 - one. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, you you you don't don't don't look look look 51 51. 51. you've been drinking. you've been drinking bombing fluid. 51. What did you do for a living? I'm a funeral celebrant. Why it's great to be here a day like it's it's great. great. It's It's great. great. It's It's It's great. great great to to be be here here today today. today today like today like I I I I I why I I I I I. It's It's it's great. great great great to to to be be be here here here at the daylight. daylight. Why Why I I why why I I I it's it's it's good good good. good to to to be be be at. at at the the deli. I get get I'm I'm getting getting better better all all all the the the time time time time like like like like that's that's that's that. really really really good. good. good. Thanks. Hi. Hi. It's it's it's like like like the the the likely. likely. likely likely hi hi hi see see see if I can do the question question now now is is a a a Jodi Jodi Jodi Jodi. there there there you you you you go. Oh last guy I'm running over. What is the cartoon character Andy Capp, known as in Germany, a dict Tingler. Me-i How much? There's a hundred Grand at stake here police have together. What you see what you? Oh, here we go get ready you. What made you put a tingle? I know this answer. The correct answer is come on. Really, Oh, God. Oh God I have a bar in a minute. Told it's over there. Oh that's awesome.

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