Man films himself sleeping to see what cat gets up to

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This is why cat owners are always tired馃惐馃槀 via T&T Creative Media

Posted 6 months ago in Animals & Pets

Margaret Arnold 6 months ago

I can relate to this .since we've had our cat I haven't had one decent night's sleep 馃槾

Cole Jones 6 months ago

The kitty would be in a cage or outside

Gail Webb 6 months ago

My cat comes to bed and I never know til I awoke.....she sleeps at the foot of the bed like an angel.

Hanna Klein 6 months ago

OMG I would have to put a stop to that. - lol. I need my sleep

Maria Baffo 6 months ago

Mine were locked outside my bedroom at night. I let them in to bug me in the morning. I miss them tons!

Chris Cummings 6 months ago

Couldn't do it. I love animals but I love my sleep more.

Purity Rosario 6 months ago

Am sorry cat has to go I couldn't deal with that every night..

Deb Tasker 6 months ago

I have one personal cat and anywhere from 1-8 fosters kittens . They are locked in laundry, bathroom or crated at night. Sleep is precious. You suffer I will sleep

Ronald Custer 6 months ago

That's why I am not a cat lover!

Gauri Naik 6 months ago

My cat used to hang outside in the night and would arrive in morning around 5