32 Places You Need To Eat At In London

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Here are 32 places you need to eat at in London.

Posted 3 years ago in Food & Drink

Charnett 肖怡 Chau 3 years ago

There some interesting places here... Only got up to 14 lol Michael Migs Martinez Sheun Oshinbolu gelato in Covent Garden, the food waste restaurant and the dessert in disguise in Bloomsbury... Mmmm

Robert McArady 3 years ago

Nansi Rose the skys the limit

Chloe Callan 3 years ago

Szymon Urbanski how mans ain't got HipChips on here :/ Lucy Osmond 8 is what I showed you on Insta we need to go :D

Abbie Lucas 3 years ago

Rachael Elsie McLellan 😍😍😍 so much good food... that I can’t eat 😣 BUUT! Those vegan places look insane! We should defs check them out one day!

Oradroc Aile 2 years ago

Vote 4- for michele, stupid expensive pizza 7£ a single shot of low quality limoncello (25£ when I first searched it on google) very average service, nothing Italian about that place. Next!

Ollie Hewitt 3 years ago

Where’s the Gelato place in Covent Gardens? Does any one know? My kids would love this🤗😊

Georgia Sophia Holmes 3 years ago

Katie Roberts the cheese bar! Let’s go here!!! London weekend, shopping cheese! What more could you want!?

Lily Singleton 3 years ago

Ed make this into a list and tick one off every time I come home?

Katie Blair Morris 2 years ago

Sam Morris you had one of these for lunch last time we were in london. You were trendy and you didn't even know it 😊