Yes Day | Trailer

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For 24 hours, mom and dad have to say "YES"

Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez star in Yes Day — March 12

Posted 10 months ago in TV & Movies

Facebook App 10 months ago

We could all use a "Yes Day" right about now. 🙌😅

Facebook Watch 10 months ago

What would your first question be on "Yes Day?" 👀

Missy Kenny Adinnu 10 months ago

Great movie trailer, but im sure passing on having a 'Yes day' for my toddler kids.I just wont survive it.😀

Holly Elizabeth 10 months ago

I thought the concept of a "Yes Day" meant you didn't tell the kids, and then you can avoid the absurd requests 😜. But that wouldn't make for a movie I'd watch, so 🤷‍♀️

Emily Putnick 10 months ago

I want to watch this with the kids but I don't want them to think yes day is going to be a so torn!!!

Miguel Prado 10 months ago

You see, this is how you produce a family movie, don’t make it look like a family movie, make it look like an actual movie

Steve Edwards 10 months ago

Hexagons in the kids bedroom and the kid says, “I had a vision” which must mean Jennifer Garner is Mephisto.

Toritsheju Akapa Bazuaye 10 months ago

Dunno if i should let my kids see this, I really dont have energy for a yes day 😅

Jessica Ellwood 10 months ago

That made me feel so good I can only imagine how the movie is going to make me feel

Andrew Zickmund 10 months ago

I love me some Jen Garner, but we have GOT TO break her out of these mom roles.