Nadal's MIRACLE Lob Against Fognini

ATP Tour • 12 months ago   6.9K     466  •  170.4K Views
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How did Rafa Nadal win this point 😱

(via Eurosport)

Posted 12 months ago in Sports
Goran Slavic
Goran Slavic12 months ago

He was running, running, running. Running. Bit more running, then he hit forehand cross court, then he was running back, bit more running and the point was his. I thought we all see the same but it seems it’s different either quality or resolution. Hope this was helpful

Vladimir Atlagić
Vladimir Atlagić12 months ago

Can't wait to see the finals between Back pain and Stomach muscle strain... it's gonna be tough... :D

Deniz Yanıköz
Deniz Yanıköz12 months ago

Nadal spent great effort however Fognini lost the point.

Jaroslav Sýkora
Jaroslav Sýkora12 months ago

I miss the old days, when Rebound Ace was in place - no room for lengthy, tedious rallies. Tennis used to be straightforward.

Mia Svensson
Mia Svensson12 months ago

He is moving differently due his back pain. That's how.

Atila Kurta
Atila Kurta12 months ago

With his injured back. 😊 Right... 😂

Van Hu
Van Hu12 months ago

Because he knew where the ball was going to go! Great stuff. :)

Julie McKinty
Julie McKinty12 months ago

He didn’t win it, Fognini lost it!

Jaxon Carozza
Jaxon Carozza12 months ago

It’ll be Novak vs Nadal in the final, the battle of “injured” men

Igbo NA Ebiokwu
Igbo NA Ebiokwu12 months ago

If you are Nadal all points are easy to win.