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LSPDFR cop mod, online and more!
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Hey, guys hang in there one. Second. For me getting everything ready Gonna have some Grant That's auto this evening Some police mud baby, someone line. Maybe some other goodies mixed in you never know Alright so we are here at our police stations. Go get change put on duty We're gonna start out as today who haven't been to that We've done that I don't think We've been him yet It's a really ugly looking dude Let's go fast and everything Oh we gotta, have the hat I think That's a winner right there Were a deputy sheriff So we're definitely the guy in charge Our kale, you can install it as long as You've got Grand theft auto. Five. You can install this, but I'm, just gonna, go ahead and warn you. This is a very, very, very complicated mud This is not just like install something and you're done. It's It's a lot more involved than that Friend and I believe you mean lots of people like to come back for the murder and mayhem. At night We have a Grand theft auto and strawberry already already Starting to Grant theft auto, how very appropriate of course I went the wrong way See we can intercept them down here Hope you went the other way We got some local patrol units on that already areas We're gonna run already It helps her gun out of it That's, not a gun That's, a fire signature Hold on we got the driver I hope these guys get up Oh my God. They just killed him Don't Kill him. Don't Kill him Don't Kill him he's Mine That's, it nice and easy guy I got your golf on foot Oh, camera longer I'd be all in on for a while I don't have to work so really catching lots of bad guys that are doing lots of stuff. So we got him When you sit you on the ground, son take a sit for me Let's go, get your buddy one guy on foot after it looks like By the way I think he's on foot I Can't really tell Yep there. He is He got really, really far come on guys just give up Oh God, I mean to run him over I kill him I think I might kill I definitely did not mean to do that Yeah, he's dog showing progress over this rob too alright well Oh my God, another one right down the block let's. Do it let's do two in a row Two Grand theft auto What's up, we have no support so let's. Get local Come help us out Harrison what's up man I just see my familiar faces tuning in they're all foot already what's going on Oh my God, I love damn it. I killed him too Alright Watch Officer God Jesus Lord I'm sorry killing everyone today I've caused more damage than anyone else I'm Not gonna run this one over It's too far away comeback guy Just like fall over for no reason let's see those hands right now One guy You're invading My Space Shit sucker Whoa Oh that's. Not very nice report suspect resisting arrest calls are coming in left and right That's reported Code 99. All units respond. Johnny. That was an accident. Maybe I Didn't. I Didn't mean to kill him It was an accident and so are you gonna take care of this You got you got it No I guess that Have you take a shit for us Oh my God I'm not remembering all the buttons again here we go We've got an opportunity to have somebody come pick him up cyber squad unit through fun coat, too wait til our local transport gets here and then we'll be on our way Operators report a criminal, resisting arrest in Alicia Island gunfire reported Coast 99 All United I guess we're gonna have to go out. Where is that It's kind of far in it Hopefully someone is coming to pick up our there Dave man dude you gotta. Try you gotta really try to get this. It's It's. So much fun You'll really enjoy it Also, people for no reason be a real cop. I don't think That's, the real cops are supposed to do this one way Street Taking care of that guy, they put him in the corner Two other other trouble we can get into We need to fix our car to Everybody sees a suspicious characters. Let me know Let's, go in here and see what's going on here This is not what I thought it was at all Oh jam in lot of beer drinkers, just some mountain do I'll enjoy my hard liquor Sure might be some of that a little later It's too, early. It's only 70 Reporter A grandson auto in Everybody's Jack and cars around here yeah, well respond to that. Hopefully it comes back our way we can outta here This is for real okay I was about to say open the one gate and out the other Of course, they're going away from us since we're going over here. I'm gonna call in a chopper There's that oh my God, my menus are different Stay on that unit we have an update on Rancho They get away already That's. Not good I think the guy check them out I'm really really struggling with the buttons here they already got away. That's, not good Attention all units we got this 115 Oh, they got gunshots. Gunshots are good ones We're gonna. Get EM Guys we're gonna. Get this we're not gonna kill it either unless they start shooting at us Seems like they already are so One of the live damage Oh my God One second the hell is that Okay, it's, not what I thought it was we're good Oh God, they got out Let's go Trump. It is coming to us. Well, we got one. Maybe we killed a bunch of Boom, you just get the hell is going on with you I can't come on what's going on He's stuck on this car there we go Attention all units We've got us. Remind you a driver? Do I love that came what's going on now S They're going after this guy I killed him Come here let me shock. It look all the bullet holes in our guys gonna bleed out Stop stop please no okay I'll Chase you Guys out of shape can catch some fat guy You got a trip eventually Here we go Nice and easy fella haven't anybody pull a gun on me in a while It's cuff This one too had another person come pick them up because our car is very far away from here Backup required in mayor, part of the show I love to be able to get down here. They should be able to get down here I can't just kill them. Guys. I gotta try to arrest them S Like what's going on over here, now a criminal ring you sit down Near Park is right there and finally, this is our boat. Maybe That's. Not them they responded to their call Trailer time Somebody come pick this for we have a Code 99 and Mayor Park Napoli Freaking time we're gonna achieve it Park Do we want H m like unmarked cars? Do that Go undercover for a little bit Kick him in the nuts you people are so evil In the car, keep your mouth shut I guess he's, just gonna, not put him in the car. I will just leave him there. That's fine with me too and we're kind of the hood here I think last time we were in the hood. We got murdered reporting a criminal, resisting and pursuit in progress That's right down Oh, my God look at all these cops. Already on that holy Hell we're gonna. Join the pursuit here That's, right, I said you people That's. How we roll in here We'll. See you on the hot Oh it's a spike Bike Reach for the sky to the hurt, you ain't wearing a shirt that hurt bad Somebody grabbed another guy please Oh my God they're gonna kill him already see look at all of them Oh my God there's so many of them Sit down boy Especially if we get this other guy for the murderer Oh my God man I think they got him Oh my God, they Didn't murder in I thought he was bacon What really surprised me to be honest We're doing pretty good guys, I don't have a murder a couple of people It was manslaughter wasn't. Murder. I didn't mean to do it Just an accident you know people get run over. Sometimes it happens I'm Super Hang out downtown for a little bit so you can get some action Car is all messed up again. Already I usually make it like one or two runs and this is the pursuit of arm suspects Definitely gonna respond These are my favorite ones Lady A couple ground units on them already so we should be good They're already out of the car They fell out of the car You'll finish him off or go after we keep pursuing them in the car So It's 53. More in the car Robertson here tonight. Robert what's up man joining us for the pursuit here Ask anything Down the way You guys haven't noticed already there's some there's some language in this game so you have to get over it Oh my God they're hanging off the side Oh I think I just killed some more people I need one alive At least one Oh my God they're gonna Be up. They killed me They're always trying to keep my distance. I thought go to him right there in that corner Oh man we already got killed It's a rough night They're still going at it, I think Oh yeah they're still rocking that pursuit so let's get us a new car Who is Red this time Pretty color Let's get him boys Oh my God they're spread out everywhere I, Can't believe they haven't like gotten away from a shit John You're sharing up to the Truck Simulator Group Man. I Don't. Think. That's. What they're gonna wanna watch. I don't know maybe they will Oops There's one more body on us It looks like these guys are on foot. We got one guy running down to the left here. Let's. Go this way I'm not going to catch all of these guys by myself No I tried but I had to kill those ones those people. I had to kill him Oh, man It's a blood bath alright, so we're gonna need for sure a mask come clean up our West. Here Ambulance call in while they're on the way we're gonna, continue our pursuit so we got three dead It was two still on the loose He looks like he's on foot I've seen in the blue shirt Oh my God S Still alive now he's, not no He died. He blood out. It's, not crap We need need another unit over here We've got an ambulance requested and spooky Beach I think the other guy they call you. They called the other guys That's good alright, so we killed four of them but we had to catch it all units We have a Grand theft auto in progress and Grant Theft Auto they'll end up being a pursuit so let's. Take that one, too Here. We go there's our medic unit coming to clean up that mess I'm Sure we'll need him on this one, too And we're the first first unit on this we're gonna call in some backup This is not a shortcut. I thought it was After that local caught up with them, this is this is a shortcut, so what I need right here God okay on everybody coming through Coming in hot My car is broken Yes, something something's. Not working We're going to fix that You guys don't see that as magic right there Robert are you watching all three of us at once Oh yeah, I forgot that riot streams doing the flight simulator right now How's how's that going We all see how it drives This guy is getting a lot of distance that she's gonna be on a motorcycle or something He's going up into the Hills It's gonna be a rough chase especially if I keep doing that Let's get local air We have requested air support over not requesting I'm demanding it I don't think they're bad tires. I think they're just like performance tires. It looks like performance tread pattern. To me It could be mud tires on everybody got away Or heading out the Trevor's territory now Look, my car is messed up the exact same way. Just was We're starting to gain a little bit now as he's gotta be on a bike or something Good so far as it was flying air switch. Can you imagine if they had airplanes Oh boy It wasn't too bad Yeah, It's bad There's a method to my man, It's just just wait watch and learn guys Maybe not This isn't going to like I thought it would We should stick to the road You know we're gonna need let's call let's. Get local on the ground out there Taking off It will slow them down a little bit catch up I wanna call in the heavy air support so just murder on we, Don't want that This car handles very well. I kinda like it. I like to Unmark car they're heading back toward the city now Oh my God, what is he doing that? Most of it riot back there? Rory They must have shaken that one local support on their tail we're catching him now Oh my God, the and this game is terrible. The traffic It's all It's It's the worst Especially the cops in this they're, just really, really bad alright there's our Park right there Oh my God what's happening I got an email sorry Not be real. Pissed. If someone stole my car, this is what the police did catch it I don't think his arms or trying make them crash What in god's name are these people do it Get out Buddy others, two of them I'll do one at a time when he gets back in the car. I'm Gonna kill him They got him down I'll get on the ground Don't Don't Try to shoot at me I don't know if I'm Gonna get him he's like stuck under the car magnet Cut this one see if we can move them out of the way Careful Oh my God, Don't kill him What was happening Let me shooting out They're shooting at this truck. Why are they shooting at the truck Oh my God, we get outta here. I'm Gonna get killed and That's, not what I meant to do We're already out here Holy Hell Oh my God There's a Red dot back there we're gonna kill him Civic below Oh, you knocked my hat off. Come here Come here. Son Oh he's dead And It's fully mayweather them in the face alright. I thought it doesn't bodies everywhere. So before we leave We have ambulance requested and Pacific below fix his car too It's, so handy on Dave any good places for Walkthroughs I mean Youtube, obviously he's gonna, dig around to find the good ones but there's plenty of help out there for this game. Cuz It's. So It's It's kind of old at this point for 148 and Louise was a guy arrested trying to get in the car was a 99 pursuit of arm suspects we're gonna. Get this one They can I can put them in the car and drive in the jail that takes a long time we're gonna, chase people and try to kill him That's. What you're all here for anyway, right we'll. See some murder and mayhem up in here Oh my God they're gonna pickup truck Of Cheese Man Can't Get too close. I'm gonna Die One fill out the back One down a couple more to go We got the driver, I think S Or get them he's, not shooting anymore. Somebody get him Reach for the Sky Buddy Come here let it all get away let's. Go Oh my God Lady Don't Kill him All these cops are murderers are still alive Oh no he's dead Play to your. What? Oh no, he still alive come here Oh wait now he's bleeding out Where is this other Maybe there's? Just one guy now alright Well, we got one of them So It's call somebody to come pick his ass up Really bad at navigate this menu that pack up needed and del Paro mess out here again to Got an ambulance call in Del Paro Hey, Joseph what's up man dropping to 250 stars for us. Thank you man glad to have you come back for some Grant theft auto with us tonight as you can see, It's already gotten a little out of hand I've never seen an ambulance drive like that in my life time no fucking way alright, so they're here for the bodies, and those guys are here for the one, That's not said yet, so our job here is done We ran over some kid on a bike. It looks like Oh boy let's get outta here Justin from Kentucky Checking in what's up Man Officer's report a criminal resisting that and It's a crazy day here in it everybody's armed outside the gun shop too Is that a big band or something? Oh my? God it's a ban Don't Kill Me don't Kill Me Kill Me It's still going Only killed that Cup What's up with these big trucks like that I don't think my wheel is spinning. It is not Ready to go It's like a trail of destruction Gosh man So they're still hitting me for all the way up there I can't use the assault rifle in the car I can only use the pistol, and I think that we don't, have an easy right now Here we go New Clips All that lady, I just shot. It was even part of this. Sorry Lady Cuz. This guy at Is that her Yeah? That's her lady Don't Make me, I need my one suspect or she got shot right in the ass That's unfortunate I don't think we have any total fatalities yet tonight Put her on the ground Good job guys no one they're all gonna leave. Look. They can make me clean up this mess as usual I took that out here cool aid requested and prayer I don't know what cop carries around assault rifle, but we got on I'm really bummed that they knocked my hat off Oh John come on man. You know, I'm not ignoring it If I don't see it, I'm sorry I'm. Not ignoring you guys It's hard to to protect and serve and read the job jeremy's back what's up Jeremy Jamie with the share. Thank you people Where's. My transport nobody slacking off today We have a 1090 92 car still in good shape More or less excuse me you ran into me I don't really care guy Are they gonna, come down and clean up the bodies I guess where's gonna leave them there The Street sweep will take care of like, Oh my God. They just left her there They were supposed to pick her up I guess She's Gonna sit there all day What's going on Are you going Something's going down I don't know about John We'll get a different type of car after I destroy this one. So probably like 30 seconds We don't, we don't keep our cars very long I serve, I serve mean to me It was gracious Let's go on the Beach See if anybody's on a Beach City Hood Lungs Senior hoodlums out here It was oh there's a guy, my backseat We should probably take care of that here. I'll take him to jail, so I could show you guys see here's in here available for calls down here. We'll take this kind of jail forgot that he was back there Get a Lambo police car. I'm sure it exists, but I do not have it Channels really far away how do we get there this way The map is slowly starting to come back to me So we're gonna. Take this one guy to jail See you guys can see what happens Try not to kill any innocent people on the way Hi But there was a closer jail than this one. But I guess not Thank you this way Here we are one of our local police stations So not like a place to bring him in Oh there we go I forgot that change what you said to take him out of the car and walk them in. But they only do it for you Oh, Gary wants to monster truck now we're not gonna. Forget anything. It's, not a police car yet we'll save that for a little bit later There's another suspect waiting for transfer to what I was proud that lady, we left in the Middle of the Street We can grab this cop car over here I'm Sure they won't mind As we dropped her off for him off let's, go back available for calls see we get something here at the airport. It should be exciting Robert, we don't, need a wheel. If you guys see how good I am driving in this, I have a lot more practice this and truck stimulater This is part of reason. I drive so badly. This is how I pretty much learned to drive Really, nothing going on down here I'll get the the big Boeing 747 out later, I know you guys like that and we're we're here. Now we want to do that now I will do it later I always come back It's, very quiet around here. The suspicious Go over by the the Port over here, see if we can find something You gotta see any hoodlums. Let me know looking for hoodlums what's going on thoughts on hotel really big hotel And some people are just trash right there Citizens report a Grand theft auto in Maze Bank Arena How do we get up there Oh that's. How we get up we're gonna. Take this Oh They get on the highway or other. Did holy crap they're going really fast alright, so let's get local control required and stop start Bobcat Bobcat for IS en route. Guys. That's Good news there. They are They're not armed, so we're just gonna. Try and make them crash Well there's, another person were killed Not my fault Come on Guy Don't run Oh he's smart He looks like a kind of person, would steal a car Oh my God. Why are you killing him 99 Emergency I swear We've got just some cops that are out for blood Assistance and little too wait till the local transport shares up see if that makes them not just sit there on the ground, so they die It should be it right there I'm, a good police officer and I got you guys I do a pretty good job. Look We Didn't kill this guy We have a criminal record got pursuit of arm suspect corner All units us Oh my God, he ran right in front of me, Y'all saw it up there up on the bridge I get up there I don't know how to get up there Oh, this is some pretty bad guys here. So we're gonna. Get the big boy air support We have requested helicopter support I swear there was a way to get over This will work Got out of the way This is how we get up there we're good now Oh there's gonna massacre everyone Oh, they killed everyone before I got here Oh darn it, we missed all the fun we're gonna. Rob Everybody for anybody shows up Oh my God it's on fire holy crap It's gonna Blow up now let's Go blow back Car don't blow up my car Attention All units watch this block for 148 and perhaps build so I can't call for the fire Department. I need to add that attached units God Medical Aid requested in stop Porter It's definitely still on fire, but I don't think It's gonna blow up anymore Gary yup. This is Grand Theft Auto but we're running a Mod holy crap We're gonna. Get out of here before we get run over They're here Let's get off this highway up here Officers report a suspect resisting arrest in It's kinda little paycheck I think That's where it is Son of a bitch I thought I knew I was going, but I don't think we can get down this way Yeah, we can Or a bit unorthodox in our methods here, if you guys haven't noticed That's The guy wait No. It's, not here's the guy It says right here but he's not here he's lost It's, not this old lady I'm I Don't know what's going on Why Don't I drive so bad cuz? I'm a bad driver I don't know where they got wet You got away. I guess They spray or cop car Nope Right It's. Just like hoodlum territory. If you ask me here's some strippers right there prostitutes clearly Against us where the hookers like to hang out by the airport Oh hey, you guys want me here? Let's. Get a different cop car real quick Please like Don't, even know what any of these are stuff. I don't think I have Oh, police three is see what that is That's. What that is Please to I don't like this we're gonna. Take it anyway Here we go we're in good shape now Trying to get away from the air for a little bit here Officer's report of possible 148 and as you can, I see her I let that one go Someone else will take care of that What was there Something just blew up cool That's what's going on Disappeared I don't know what it was was gone now You guys definitely heard that giant explosion This is definitely hood territory here So you can find some gang activity down here. Last time we did this Didn't turn out very well It's like a firing squad Here we go S Hey, you already know I'm see if they'll talk to me I don't think they will provoke him Nothing Stop right there Hey yo Barber shot late, well. That's. Not very nice If I pull out my gun at them I'm gonna die cuz. These guys just rolled up I feel like they're all together and they're all staring me down right now, and It's reporting a suspect resisting arrest and Oh he's. Got a gun Yup Oh, man ever, I wanna do one of those successfully, but I never have as soon as you ask them for ideas or something they pull out the gun, they kill you Man. I'm a dead man That's That's accurate James asking what mod were using this is called L pd F R No you got to have range plugin hook, and you can find all that kind of information on on Youtube It's Way way, too much for me to explain I Didn't go as planned. She's got a doughnut. Give me that I missed My doughnut I wish I could pick it up alright. So we need a car let's take care of that I think police force my favorite one the unmarked car Especially in black Let's go find some more hoodlums, so we can try it again Let's. Go not available for calls right now I'm Just gonna go ride around so we can find I think we want to go this way though See if we could find not like eight people This is all too many people will get murdered I need back up back up from my take on more people like that Here we go just two of them hanging outside looks like maybe a pawn shop Let's give this guy the talking to he just admitted a possession stop blow your Just admit, you heard he just he just admitted to us we're gonna show him in a citation Give him a ticket for possession, Y'all heard it try self incrimination, but it happened Talk to your buddy here what's the fucking front I don't think there are a lot about the bitch Oh Apparently, I got someone's idea. I don't know who that was I guess it's. The guy just curb stop to death going on Let's give you a warning okay you'll keep Oh come on man Is your problem? How the fucker Oh good, I got backup here Beach Oh, this is You're gonna kill him don't kill I'm Gonna get my ass kicked Away, I mean Oh man, I swear to God, I Didn't, just kill him on this is a mess I thought I had it out on the my fist But I did not so we got the them. Come clean. Oh they're already here. That's even better unit we have medical aid requested in Although I went from like a traffic stop to like three bodies on the ground. Oh my gosh What I'm getting back in the car? It's not just gonna die if I don't get back in the car This is our oh, my God we're getting out of here It was pretty rough Turned into a very basic traffic stop or just stopping a suspicious character into a three bodies on the Street This isn't suspicious at all some creepy ass truck parked in the alley Those car, how is that car doing to deserve that I was doing my job Look all these cop car. What happened over here What happened over a year? Maybe this homeless guy saw something? What do you see? Guy Scott pulls a gun on me? I swear but you, Can't, hit me with a quarter. That's That's, pretty smart let's talk to this guy they're. All look like they're about to fall over More options Kip Law Oh well, he's actually got idea and everything He's alright. I guess Really surprised at homeless guy had some idea No, I have no idea what the hell went on here but we're gonna leave for we're next Oh my God I'm, not race. I'll. Just stop whoever I see first here Well, I can, I could say let's go find some White people. Then there you go, you can call me racist for that, too Here we go Somebody looks suspicious up here Should probably put my gun away so actually kill anybody See anything suspicious around here Some random dog Dog barking Brian Stream to two highway lanes and crashed into the Hudson River I should have watched it before. I started streaming What is this dog working at Be quiet I was really mean, I shouldn't say he's. Okay, he's good let's, just stop barking all right back to the car Some guy, literally right in front of I don't even see it Definitely Didn't. See that Why there are these abandoned fully? He just got out of that. I guess alright look for more suspicious activity Much All units we've got stuff that resisting arrest and suspects. Yes, please Looks like three ground units already there across the bridge Oh, no they're. Not are they down in the sewer? I think yeah, they are I think we can cut around They're gonna get way far ahead of us Oh my God, Cody That's. Not what I'm doing okay, you need to stop with that Oh, my gosh what in god's name I hate a and this game is so bad S We're good This car is not long for this world but we're good They already stopped them My God, how many of them are there First, my one survived Don't Kill him somebody's Going out to the last guy Hope I Can't taste on this no fun stop killing my suspect he's mine Alright, so we got one of them I think they're, probably gonna kill that other ones sit him down She would go after this other guy I, Can't believe they haven't killed him yet Yeah, this car is about to be done for There he is come here. Guy He looks homeless guy that was with the rest of Nice and easy but nice and easy there we go He really doesn't look like he was with the rest of them. But we're gonna we're gonna. Book him anyway He was running from the scene of the crime Required and eat fine wood hope they can get down here. They're. All gonna come flying off this cliff or something Let's wait for our transport to come scoop this guy up You know, I don't think they might be able to get down here we're just gonna. Leave him here I'm Not gonna run over I think we can get out this way Yes we can oh there. They are S Oh my God we're always cops coming from You got one more run in this car Put him in the trunk. Oh my God what's wrong with you people Oh my God. What happened over here 12348 Cop cars They're. All what is going on? It's like the weirdest thing is each one of those cars had two officers in a and they're all gone It's, like Independence Day or the aliens are here kidnapping everybody S See if we can find some more hoodlums to arrest One minute just like I'm pretty sure that no one 's gonna pull a gun on me up here. I don't think I think we're too high of an area for this to Austin says Love the game with a hundred stars for us awesome. Thank you for those man. I'm Glad you're enjoying it This is definitely one of my favorite mods for this game Units We've got possible one winery and suspects fine wood shocker we're calling the big boys They already got a lead on us Well they're coming back this way Well, That's a hard truck to take down We're getting out already But shoppers kinda blew the rate, then all right lady That's, right, Don't You move that chopper is gonna blow your face off That was a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be Usually trying to hold Oh they're gonna, give him. I guess I just knocked her ass. Didn't We've got a lady went fine Woods Alright so it wasn't that big of a mess to clean up Nope, Don't Want to steal his car Don't do that Oh my God We, Can't lose another What else we got here I just I don't think any of these people are gonna. Give you any problems Let's see what these people are up to here Come on darling. Get your tits out Whoa It's a prostitution ring here out of this Chinese looking House Like I head, butted him and killed him That's pretty awesome Imma, take his money everybody running away. He hit me first I got another body to clean up attention. All units We've got fabulous driver must be rise stream. It could have been I love how so many people in the chain of the same opinion about his stops Okay, okay There's another one coming Cody got it right man But the reality may Curtis I Can't Kill people in that game That's. Why it's our playing this we're taking out some of our frustration this evening Idiot It was fun, some more innocent people to harass is that is what the police tend to do Usually me. I like to harass Thank you guys for all those followers coming through. That's. What Roy Jenkins means every time somebody clicks on the follow button. We get Leroy Jenkins, so keep them coming guys It's. Not that many people around here Let's go a little further into the city Fine Wood Grant theft auto us right up the Hill here We'll do that Go get em we're gonna. Get this one alive? Too This is just a stolen car so we're not gonna kill him I'm Not gonna open fire unless were fired upon Maybe not Can we get up there all of these years ago around Oh God damn. I hate when they go up in the Hills back here Damn. I should just stay down there I got everybody just needs to get off the road except for me S This is the worst place to chase people Hopefully, he makes a right Oh boy Running out of a car to destroy here I think something's broken It's, not It's not as fast as it goes for the cheat Let's call a little bit more ground support trying to slow them down Richmond Grant So workout nice we'll Go Hang out in the wild Wilderness out here See if we get some more action Doing some hillbillies Here we go, we got plenty of units. So it's just a motorcycle Oh my God One of them did Bridge for the sky almost ran my purple over there nice and easy and hurt the wheel get run over to Daniel Mary Can't Just kill them all Can't Just murder people Alright, so one dead, one alive, I'll take those take those eyes. There get somebody to come scoop him up and We'll have a Trevor Too Are you crazy a little bit Let's go out in the Red See where we can find there's a pretty good arm suspect pursuits out here in the Hills We'll go up here and bang a right So take us past the military base Jeff Man It's gonna, be a little loud. If You've watched the video. You know why It's loud and on Earth, it is a mad man. It's. It's called P R It's, a big giant maze It's very hard to explain it. So if you want anymore information. It's best to look it up on Youtube they'll. Take me like an hour to explain it to you You guys are gonna relocate, get away from the city for a little bit mix. It up might be able to fly an airplane or two out here, too at the airstrip Oh God All units we have a suspect resisting arrest on a shot fired 99 shots fired code 99. This is a good ones Looks like that locals already on Wrong way to do it Lady or I think That's a lady not so man So really weird looking man You know Cory knows this is the only car We've got just It's. The one I prefer you need to sit a little space If I should sit here right in the Middle of the road we're gonna. Do it anyway? We gotta catch this other guy She's Alive There he is Dude Come on, get on the ground dude. Don't Don't Yeah she Didn't. Think about pulling a gun on me, I drop the Sun Alright, we got two I ran over like four of them but That's okay Have him sit down people come? Pick them up That's required on great Ocean Highway I seriously Can't. Believe it Didn't get run over There's, one local there's, the other one we're doing good doing good I think that was the only one that we didn't have to kill everyone. And now we did run over all these people They were shooting at us. So so it's okay Oh my God, not just arresting the black people. It's just whoever it happens to be Come on now guys Hey fellas in here what's up Phil Shouldn't. You be at work but should be slaving away at work Mike Smithson here with us tonight, too. Welcome back Mike one of the many mikes that watches the stream Arms set they're down here with the shot fired call 99 All units Where are there S I don't even have to get down there and let that one go I'll fill you guys aren't working and you know it. You'll. Probably sitting there twiddling your thumbs like always Often there's a report a 148 on a hobble its way far back Keep those followers coming, guys trying to get the 5000. We just crossed the 3500 Mark earlier today We get some calls are a little closer to us I really wanna try and get out in the sticks over here You know what there could be some some troublemaking hillbillies around here Like there's houses on the Street. Back here. Let's go see S Members they are not No, I think I'm saying I know there are houses back here It takes a little shortcut back there There's nobody wondering around back here That's a first Alright we'll. Keep on keep on going Nicholas Man, I appreciate that share yet not all my shares are coming through, and if You're, a fellow streamer than you, know that Facebook is having issues I do appreciate the shares and all the all the follows Thank you guys I really hope Facebook fixes those problems sooner or later Officer's part suspect 350 That's right here Great Ocean Highway They're going back up in Ohio Were they armed? I Didn't say I think they are shooting I think they should all. God. Oh God Oh whoops damn it I don't think oh they're still running I Didn't I thought everybody would have been dead right there alright. We need a new car since we're in Hillbilly Country It's time for it What do they call it That's it right there There it is That's One way to get them just blow. Everybody out. We Didn't get everybody, though My God, I got really far, too Everybody get out of the way I guess That's the one guy still in the car Since we're falling behind a little bit, is good, local air support behind them over here we're in the air and on our way I don't know if we're gonna, be able to catch them Dude Nicholas. Just my my advice, Don't waste your money on boosting your post and stuff. You just gotta. Let it grow organically I don't I Don't Trust Facebook enough with their marketing. You just gotta hit the algorithm like we started out with like 40 people in here and I'm hitting the algorithm right now. So That's. Why all these people have seen the stream Oh let me look at the map for you to catch these guys Oh my God now probably not Ready to let this from go If we had a Super fast car, I'll take this anyway, we catch him I know we get to this tunnel. We cut across this big field up. Here might be able to Deandre Man we're This is Grand Theft auto and this is a big fat old mod for Cal L P fares. We get to be a police officer instead of the hoodlums and the White collar criminals Richard Doesn't know how he got here that there's a lot of that a lot of people. Don't know they got here alright. This will actually work out really well. We can cut right across everything up here Angelos in here too it's up Angelo Welcome back. Sir Yeah, Richard That's soccer is hitting the Facebook algorithm and That's. What happens when you get get popular? I guess in what they think is going on Push you in People's next Oh my God I think if we go down this road first we'll be able to catch up to them Oh my God, this is not going out and wanted to go How far away are they Oh my God they're so far away Yeah there's. No way we're not gonna bother His reporting of possible 148 and the Alabama That's right around the bend, where we're close enough to this one Here we go Calling for air support on this one too Requested air support over any shorts There's an albatross three on the scene, we got one grounded after him This is just a Grand theft auto. I think I don't think they're armed This thing is not as fast as I remember it being So they are no gosh I need one Somebody stop one of you We're gonna. Get this one? Yeah, we got fatty what's up fatty Just got bored holes in his chest Still breathing he's. Lucky man James. That is not what I'm doing look. This is some fat White guy just arrested who needs to be arrested as all That's. Why we got one out of six or go ahead set him on the ground Call for M to clean up the mascot and ambulance requested in grande Some backup come scoop him up And while we wait for them to get scooped up, Imma, go grab another drink. I'll. Be right back. Guys give me 30 seconds New quickly people Hopefully time is on our side Wow this is the first one It's. Not looking good S The It's a Raptor o they're, gone We might be too late There's nothing we can do Oh man. This is awful Don't Die On Me Old man. This is we're still alive. Wow. Didn't get run over there's. Still in the police car I really can't believe we, Didn't get run over by some rogue ambulance or something any signs of life What is this guy doing what he did today I don't know I missed it. I don't know what happened. You guys know what happened Right back in the Liberator we wanna go this way. Wanna find some more suspicious characters Possibly detain Thanks, Sandy Shores is real close to here Deandre. This is a mad man. It's, a big old fat mode called L P R That's. How you can be a cop Oh, that looks like looks like trouble I think this is the place that you defend with. Ron Let's see what these guys are up to He just wanted to talk to me okay let's talk to this guy your brains out You said you blew my brains out so he might have a gun that's for Saudi Alright you're Good What the hell What about this guy come What the understand? Why one punch just kills people as I did in his hand? Oh gosh you, Didn't. See anything did you guy Alright we're gonna. Get outta here. I'm Probably gonna be in trouble for that None of you guys saw that he hit me first. so self defense What's happening a Grand theft auto P. Just crash. That's, not good Oh my gosh alright hold on What happened here Yup, Ellis PS just took a dump so we're at the Credit panel. I do that. I forget how to do that S So my game still running, but the mod itself crashed, give me a second to figure out how I can restart. I think I gotta exit entirely So It's gonna hang out Give me one minute here. Guys. I'm a a reboot that mod for you That's the one thing about this mind. It's. So big, it's kinda It's kinda unstable Let's take a minute here to boot it back up Oh Karen, of course, this is more interesting to watch an S van So I like to mix it up sometimes S James I Can't I Can't with you Man We Nicholas, I think You're asking, yeah, you should definitely use on stream Extreme labs over is much much better Then just regular be In my opinion, you got. You have a lot more features to play with So bear with me guys this rebooting rage plug in here for us in a second It's a tad bit on stable so That's why It's in open Alpha yet crashed well the whole game Didn't crash. Just the Mud crashed So I just bring it back up Hopefully sometimes it doesn't work. But I have faith. It will work S Alright looks like we're loading up so let's make sure it works properly We'll go ahead and load the game first and then the last thing I should do is plug Rob, you have to like is the love love from Sky room. I had to add that in Sky Rim and that holds my favorites Nicholas man, if you need any help since you are a fellow streamer, feel free to send me a message and I can get you in the discord. If you need any help, I can talk you through some things Cuz, I would definitely not be where I am if it wasn't for other people's help Okay here, it is so we get to pick a new guy money. I always need my Gary, you just watch the streams too much money to get started. So I mean, I guess it depends on your situation You can definitely spend lots and lots of money You can do a budget build too We're gonna Teleport to the PD here S Not to be an agency we haven't been yet Within Alice P, D That's, where we just were I don't know That's the Park Rangers. I think here we have been these guys yet It's only got two options I like to tie her gonna rock the tie today One He doesn't need glasses he's, an old man here we are back on duty we're Was that San Andreas Highway Patrol is what agency we are We got the big high boots on so It's like a motorcycle cop, more than anything else he's walking like It's gonna load in his pants, too But Alright Oh hey there's, a new version is available. Maybe That's. Why my thing keeps crashing Oh grab Lady Lookout Code 99 arm suspects were in pursuit of this will be a governor is already a chopper on They cross the water S Trying to see where they are S Don't You guys oh come on restock Never good Oh my God oh I think they're on the highway anymore No they're, not all they're down in the down. The sewer system Keep those followers coming. Guys are trying to get the five K 5000 followers as our next goal How do I get off here I Can't we're gonna cheat because we're already followed by Yeah, they're definitely down in the sewer Top of the Year award right here. This guy Oh my God, my driving is just getting worse and worse When we get down back here I think we can We're not gonna fit They're out of the sewer now or they're on the other out of the studio Oh my God I'm so sorry Nope they're still down there Watch out everybody run a mission here and they see him running Oh we're shooting at us We need this last guy alive S Give up guy come on Don't Lay down the water you're gonna drown Nice, we got one of them wasn't pretty but we got em I walk over here with me this guy looks like asphalt Alright come over here, you gonna take a seat actually know what you're gonna come with me you just took his hand See I don't know what it is doing Report on 148 I guess he's talking a good 99 emergency Now he's he's broken so we're just gonna sit you on the ground Or somebody comes to scoop you up La Mesa got eye boots walk through the dirty sewage water Let's get back up here How do I get out of here we're not going down the tunnel? Bad things Can I change the follow sound? I can, but I won't never gonna happen My stream, my rules If you don't like it Don't let the door hit you on the way out Getting lots of followers, I do like that guys. Thank you citizens report a possible 503 on 503 it's car we can hit that short across the way here You were the first ones to respond So let's fix that local control to help us out Free Shit What the shit is right Watch out Oh God If it really still that oh my God OH we're gonna blow up bad things are happening S I'll flip back over Well, they got away Oh no not to turn the sound down and I turned it down so much Oh, you know, I might feel I can do that real quick for you, guys, you give me one second. Let me let me turn the sound down for you I think it will let me do all. I'm streaming It's hard to tell my end if It's too loud it was like through my head, said It's. Not allowed at all. But See if they'll do it all over streaming here Where is the sound Started down 10 more percent I'll see if It's any better We definitely need a new car cuz there's body parts in the front of this one and everything so S There's a better guys let me know if It's still a little too loud In the mean time we're gonna, get a new shiny car S Yeah, It's police. Three Resisting and suspect resisting arrest More After this pursuit, I'll turn it down another notch like I said It's hard for me to tell them. And if It's like Super like definitely loud I literally stopped and it looks like But they Didn't I got to give him space and kill me Oh, they got have any tires left, are dumb they're done for Given up yet are they That's. All the tires S Somebody give up come on I need one of you to take in somebody chase a third guy for me. Somebody get him They got him there, a guy that is not what I meant to do Come here. Guy He could barely walk Nice and easy, buddy, nice and easy, I want to pop you one piece of trash He got shot right in the butt Oh my God, we get run over Come. Here got the Street strong with you Take a seat We have firewood Gilbert Hello, sir How is it going for you guys just joining us welcome. We are a police officer and some very, very fancy foods right now So I did, they murder him Maybe they did at the update killed him alright Oh, we need to unit We have medical aid requested and downtown fine wood This is my car Travis what's up man welcome to the stream Sir make sure you guys hit the follow button for me before you get out here for the night 503 another This will be here. We'll. Do this one cuz we don't, have to shoot at these people not yet They're on the highway they're already moving My car is like we're broken thought Never good so we got me, and one of the officer let's get the state going on here Okay. Don't bump into me My siren is very broken if you guys, Can't Tell I think it's that car so we're gaining on I don't think we need air support just yet See we can pit maneuver this guy Is undetermined Senator bitch Mandy What's up I'm Sorry, I don't read all the messages and a check. it's hard to catch everybody I think this is gonna be the last run for this car. It's, not gonna last much longer On the Street, you guys and then, if you can stop him, I'll, do it maybe I won't There we go we'll. Get them now It's like the Freaking, three students right there I don't hit this creature Oh, God was ran over some kind of weird looking cat Hey, Nicholas says. Great work keep up the good work. Thank you for that man. Thank you for the stars or we just lost a tire This needs to end here and There's two suspects in the car Wrong Somebody go after that chick You're Not Nice we got him sitting down the ground No, I don't wanna do that I'm Stuck Oh, they got her too good job Sitting on the ground as the car moves Definitely holding up some traffic here 22 we two local transports let's. Get out of the way we're gonna. Get run over on Nicholas I'm exclusive. Just the Fcc that I have an Xbox, but I don't stream from it I just stream from the piece. It's a lot easier Alright, we need to do one of these There's brand New All shiny and new Savage Man. The way we do all this stuff like the little controls and everything is a model It's called L P D F R If you guys want more information to be much easier for you to pull it up on Youtube easier for you and use it for me. I promise this is a little more of This isn't really that easy of a mud it's, not really just plug and play there's a lot of little parts to it Attention all units We've got a possible price in the Specially some bad guys in the Cory I never had a small backyard This could be a miracle if I don't even get to Around is trying to cut him off boy Oh my God, I'm I'm a really good driver on Okay, Colin Don't Let the door hit you on the way out. Buddy have a good night buh bye This is this is not good. I need somebody else to come help Fun They just fell down on more Hate the motorcycle This is precisely why Didn't wanna come back here. Every little bump is be flipper Everybody say bye to Collin I'm Seriously like the worst police officer on the Oh C J I did This is kinda like that. This is a much newer version This is one of the better Bods I've ever found. It's like the police Holy crap look at him falling down the Hill This is definitely the best police roll play model come across Well, every single one of them landed upside down. Don't. You run away from me God bless he Oh pistol whip. The crap is fat guys face sorry guy Why is that Do we just arrested this guy earlier he got bail and then we got arrest him again Sit on the ground for you fall down don't Follow me sit down there you go S If they get this person, they did wow I have the only car That's upright That's a miracle Taught me to be a mess on this one we Didn't kill anybody acquired Davis Court units respond Here I'll turn down the sound for you guys That's really good on that one like I said It's. Hard for me to tell him. I am cuz there's. I can barely hear anything That should be much better You all know if It's updating while I'm streaming I think it should be, but I don't know I need to fix this car again. Cuz I Can't drive like that Let's get back on the highways I don't want to do that again Alright guys that better for the library Jack is I know It's a little loud I should be better That's about as low as I'm gonna. Take it to Citizens report a possible 503 in seven sweet It's, like right in the median over here I see him I see some we're gonna. Get some Oh boy Well, good job calling I'm glad you got over it cuz. I don't wanna have to kick you out Oh come on run Got damn it keep doing that surrounded come back here. Guy. I should stay in the car they'll. Try to tase this guy for you See if I can do that you gotta be really close to tase him Hope he fell next part is where you are bleeding on the floor Come here. Guy Oh, he just strolled right on his face right now Don't shoot him God damn In bread Dick Tree dead I think he might be no he's not Would you understand Keep it up No Oh my God they're gonna kill him she's killing me What the No Don't Kill him he's my suspect that he's dead now way to go You don't fuck with you Killed my district lady Making me look bad I got an interview they're interested in this mode. I mean It's It's a little complicated. But if you just watch a couple of Youtube videos about it, and you have some patience, you will be able to do it Let's pursue the It's kinda far away Set over towards Sandy Shores a little bit there's a Wall there Oh my God just go This is Sandy Shores It's over here somewhere Yup, sorry guys is only available as a mod for the C Who's this guy down That's a really nice car We're gonna interrogate this man right here Report 503 in Grande Sonora desert Nicholas Another hundred stars for safety for those men. I do appreciate those Let's let's, ask for some identification with you and your fancy car What are you doing out here Oh, I need. I need more commands I give him a warning for for loitering I kinda want this car, though It's locked or Can't. Get in this upsets me We get all our lives here Oh, hey, you guys want me to fly their really big plane This is the place to do it go ahead and turn off our available for calls real quick If you guys want me to fly the giants up here. I'll I'll spawn it first and you guys can tell me crap. Was it called I think It's just jet. Maybe I think It's this one Oh yes, that one it's. Definitely this one You guys want me to fly. This Take a break from police officer here we can fly a giant plane This is a really big plane Well, I haven't gotten the skin before on this plane I don't know I haven't used this plane on this runway. I think We've got enough room but I guess you guys probably want to find out. Don't share Over already stuck I don't think I can do it on this runway. I think we have enough See if I can squeeze around It's gonna Blow up blow up alright here. We go Nicholas thanks there's. Other hundred stars man. I appreciate that Fly life Oh yeah, we got it I forget what it is To put the landing here It's Not Fly back to the city I don't remember what it is what's the land your We don't know Dana says were 3679 followers yet we still need to get to the Big five K You said the cargo jets bigger than this I'm Afraid to press buttons You guys are putting in a chat It is G One of our engine is on fire. I can't. Be good Do a barrel roll for good measure I'm gonna, try and land at the airport here I really hope we make it Our engine is definitely on fire Jake's in here what's up Jake Trying to lose altitude, I don't know that much You guys think I can land this plane who thinks I can land a plane Of Chris, other cars are available like anything you could ever imagine We're not approaching a ideal ankle here Oh God Oh, we got it I can't believe we landed Professional pilot right here Very close to 200 more stars. Thank you man I really wanna get out of this. This is really loud There we go with flew a plane Cross that off the bucket list for the evening I really wanna find what what is that other plane called that you were talking about Cargo planes that were talking to see how big this is Oh my God What in the actual heck is the holy Crap I Didn't even know this was a thing Oh my God look how big this plane is Oh my gosh Yeah, we are we're deviating from being a police officer here for a second if I'm flying this bad bitch right here Oh my God, I can't even get in I Can't. Get in Dude there's. No way, I could do a barrel roll on this thing Holy Crap We're all gonna, die right now There's another plane down there on the runway This thing, Doesn't even fit on the runway like It's Mass. I think we can get off the ground before we get to that plane let's see Yeah, that was some really really bad physics, but we are off the ground This is a really big plane The gorgeous sunset for us there sunrise It's ever wanted is Oh my God What if I could fly it between some buildings This is this is a very large aircraft right now It doesn't look that big up here in the sky. But I assure you This is very large Alright I'll see if I know, I think I could do a barrel roll in this Oh easy Easy as pie Let's see if I can squeeze in some buildings here Oh God, I think this is gonna happen No it doesn't It was kinda close alright. No more planes we're done with the planes Nicholas Thanks 200 more stars man. I appreciate this let's get back to business here We need to find a good Good police car That's Why I learn how to type Amber Regular polices Just a standard Rolling a regular for Sheryl Car for the time being you know we can do we go look for some suspicious activity Let's. Do that so we're off we're off for calls right now let's go see if we can find see if we can find some more hoodlums jake's right Grant the thought of six with I'm assuming they'll do is they'll do the same thing to do with this one over release it for the current generation of consoles and for next Jan so It's gonna be a while It's probably no two years where we see another Grand theft auto Alright guys keep your eyes peeled for some suspicious This is pretty sketchy back here. Hanging out behind this grocery store wherever they all this place is That's, a sofa I thought that was like drugs or something I guess it could be drugs where you going Head shoulders up now be safe Let's talk to this big fat White guy here what's up guy he's very shit that hackers has no radar there. We are totally Let me talk to him Why is everyone like freak out like I'm just talking to the guy Jeff got me ID He does have a D People are crashing the stuff over there Somebody was that really necessary Come here, guy hit and run. Oh he's gonna. Get away I Can't catch him I figure out what motor Oh no, I forgot all my God. Let me try to find that real quick I forget what motorcycle bike something bike Was it this one try by another rate? Now? It's not the race bike It was a drag No drag It's. Not that Odor control me nuts. What was I called I swear it was called the drag bike but I don't see that Definitely most definitely Don't think It's that Oh, no it's, definitely not that I have to think about a way to come. See it Oh yeah, guys up tthe next will definitely be the same deal. I mean same con the current generation of consoles and will stick it out for the new ones But I will definitely buy in it Cuz this this game. Still incredible by Today's standards. I Can't. Imagine what they can accomplish with an excellent S The fuck was that Everybody's lingering back here That's, my report possible 148 and 148 pursuit in progress. Yes, please Dandruff on the overpass again How do I play rainbow Now I never got into that. I have it on on Xbox, but I really like it that much I like the tactic will miss of it. But I don't like how there's like 10000 operators. Now, you gotta buy all That's, really annoying Watch out dude which, whenever like Steve from Blues clues back there, the Green shirt on I don't think they're, not worried they're not shooting at us. So we won't shoot it down Come on guy Some hippie guy in there Everybody out She was trying to get away Brown she married he's dead too Why are they killing them? I don't understand Oh my God y'all need to get her car too It's a slaughter Such a total blood bath, what in god's neighbor the lady can have a car man? Please please step out of it Don't Kill him Don't Kill this person's grandma's. Not cool She definitely tried to run us over In a restaurant right here she came flying into our crime scene I I really wanna know why they just go like firing squad on people sometimes She's called me the Devil I Don't, know about all that I don't know if I I mean, I get into seed you're like I'll, give it another try on PC since I like the Bbc. So much better now. But I don't know if games old. Now It's like years old It's a really old game out, I think about it We have some backup come pick her up firewood We need m stir Ambulance request Jay Z's in here what's up Jay Z downtown Pine Wood So we got back up coming to scoop for They got m coming to mock up the bodies there they are, we can get out of here Look for more food Six on the Mexican, like singing people right, they don't know what you call him I think we're gonna head down South More cuz That's where all the gangs hang out Trying to get some gang action down here Down here I think I remember where to go Daniel It's, not just one link, It's It's like multiple pieces of a puzzle so you want to look up online all the pieces. You're gonna need I Can't really just send it to you it's. Not that simple? Unfortunately Wassup money bags are you doing man we're gonna? Go this way Yeah, this way S Where everything goes down Oh, my God we're gonna. Die on the Street. Look there's 12345 groups of people on the Street Now there's there's. Even more we're gonna die It's over Oh man what this looks like the smallest group there and these are some Ballers. I think they are They got Green on Yeah we're gonna. Die here we're not gonna Well, they got a dog too Dog will eat me alive I read the find some smaller groups to try and contend with this is literally the worst Street I've ever seen Can I call her let's? See? Can I call her back up Require changed Chamberlain Hills see if we get some backup here I'm Not physically, I don't know what he's gonna do Alright let's see if we can let's try this again, it Didn't go very well last time We're gonna. Stop this guy right? They all dropped everything. So. That's a good sign or interact with them Oh Stuck on him. Oh God Oh God, I pissed off the whole block now I don't need a stun gun and a real gun Give me a real gun. Please Oh my God, oh my God we're outta here No for Dead Yeah, I kinda thought that would happen if we engage one group that everyone else would just come out of nowhere So that Didn't go as planned Not at all You still Yeah, guys, anyone who's interested in this game at all, like this, Mod Youtube, and like the Internet, is literally your best resource there's, so much that goes into this. It's, not really all that easy to explain. Unfortunately Everyone second year guys Alright, so I'll put a question after the chat. You guys want to keep rolling with the PD mode. What do you wanna do? They wanna go into just online and we can mess with some people who you guys wanna do I'm down for either one either One is cool. This is a baller right here Well. That's That's what's his face Listen This is not Down Tip Lum S Alright so he cooperated. So just let him be Seeing a lot of people continue with this mess of people online, go online Steel this cop car It's Mine Now Like I, Can't I Can't Drive I'm Stuck in this car It's. Not moving what's happening I Can't even get out I'm trapped in this car we're gonna. Go to T to get out of the stuck car I'm seeing a pretty even balance of both it seems like So here's, what I think We'll do well run with this until it crashes again. Cuz It's only inevitable and It's. What time 916. We've been gone for two and a half hours, it will get more roll for this for a little bit longer Here let me get a vehicle Oh here. We go in the garage down here. Let's. See what they got for us in the garage See what goodies we got down here S The White sheriff car I like to unmark cars a lot, no we're not flying the Jet Cuz We'll just get in the garage and explode We haven't rocked an Suvs at today Don't even do nothing there we're gonna. Take the Suvs Telling me I don't, think this thing's all that fast is the problem we'll. Try it Try it out It's a tank But some very fast There's some more homeless people chilling over there Nicholas, with 50 more stars for his Nicholas. Thank you, and Yeah, I do Don't Don't Don't, forget to Message Me, and I can help you out with the stream labs saying. It's really not that complicated but it does help for someone to kinda show you Christine what's up We were just riding around looking for some more hoodlums, but looks like It's just homeless people around here, so only the homeless people I know that like if I stop this field, no one 's gonna pull a gun on me is we're not in the S All units we have 503 in number three granddaughter was taken See how this thing doesn't it pursue Oh my God, it doesn't return Darker yet this is only four piece C man all the games, not, but the mod is we're all the hookers there everywhere you haven't seen them they're like broaches, man they're crawling all over the place Oh my God, this thing is like a freaking boat Christine I'm Glad you like it, I love the Leroy Jenkins. A lot of people hate me for it. But That's, too bad Maria Bastard Oh my God, I thought it was this big giant truck They're, not armed. So we're just gonna. Try to stop them without lethal force for the time being More guy I will push you off the edge if I have to Can't believe he hasn't gotten out yet Tip over If I tip you over, I got you We've gotten serious Don't Run Don't run or not Over here on the sidewalk Take a sit for me No S Get you a nice free ride to the police station and canals units There is my backup All right, our job here is done Get back to it This car definitely held up much better than a regular patrol car so we might like to play with this more often attention. All units We've got a suspect Resisting arrest is a good for suit arm suspects four units on it already Also, I was a van There are Nicholas dropping a hundred more stars off the bed Hopefully I'll have a good rest of the stream and I appreciate you hanging out like I said feel free to send me some messages we get your stream. Live Workout Man Oh my God they're messing me up Nicholas Note we're in This is a Mod It's called CD R I think we have plenty of backup holy crap Man we're all gonna die Maybe not so we're gonna. Get up Shit Somebody gonna get hurt, it's gonna. Let him run away I guess they let them all run away I'll get this one Alright, they got her nice good freaking job My gun out to do that thing away Nice and easy lady down on the ground. For me there, you go Lucy Don't kill her Don't Do it she's cool Oh my gosh I tried to save her, but they had to murder her. I guess now. I'm stuck here I have to interrupt to my animation so we're at the Teleport to get out of here Already so I could have gone much better Keep those followers coming for me, guys trying to get to 5000 wanna, see 5000 followers, hopefully within the next week or so, I think We'll make it to that You know It's rough back there There was a firing squad for some reason. They like to do that. A lot will make let's get the Park ranger. We haven't done this one yet today have S Park Ranger Suvs You guys wanna go hunt for hoodlums. We wanna wait for some calls come in Units reporting of possible 148 so they might be armed anymore now being That's a nice car Oh my God I thought there was a break in the Wall up there, but I guess not Is it do they split somebody up there and there's somebody going this way? Alright so we're gonna. Need local air support Help us out here Quick helicopter support over fine wood Y'all know what the other person back there was Perfect song behind you their way. They kind of their motorcycle we probably never gonna turn around here I don't know how I feel this Suvs, not the same as the other one, I don't think I need to find that motorcycle. I had last stream, though I don't remember what it was called P That's. All they are is reckless drivers man so I couldn't very well We're gaining on them now We were I remember catching up to him now Air supports on EM It's, calling one more local Petroleum for good Apartments are gonna come right into this intersection we're at Oh guys knock that lady on the bridge Flawlessly executed right, there could have gone any better Swift drivers of the world, maybe just a little bit I did knock that one lady off the bridge there. I guess you, Didn't No, I didn't see Can you keep turn around? So I can Someone can take your guy quired and there's that lady She did see a body down there. I guess she's alright, so like a 30 foot fall should be alright No. That's, not what I want stupid guy Alright, they got him taken care of This car did a really good job at stopping that guy won like good swift blow I think the Black Suvs handled a little differently. I don't know I think it's the same car you know Officers report suspect resisting arrest in It's, nice and close and That's. A good one armed violence right off the bat and That's. What you guys are all here for anyway She'll walk it off you just falling off the overpass. May big deal they're falling ass Cause so much damage to the city only I gotta look out taxi cab We're gonna. Call it air support again on this one We've got units requesting their support If they spread out, somebody fell off the car Yep there they are Oh damn it I wasn't very good I gotta. I gotta remember to stay back more when there's all them hanging off the side. That's. How I die every time we gotta, hurry up and get back in this do that And That's the glitch car we don't Police Three. I think is the unmarked Oh we don't wanna do that Still, getting that oh my God, I can right it works Oh no, a suspect got away there's. Still, more of them out. It looks like If there's one more here so we'll go after him let's take all the locals are on the other one There he is Jesus This is the same guy from earlier Doesn't look anything like I don't know, I Didn't get a good look at We'll. Take them anyway Do they still not catch all those other guys I guess they did I can take a sit Back up needed in It's still on going for Suits That's So Can't believe they Didn't catch him. Look all those dots I got him he's dead Yeah, he's, definitely dead Oh, you got me some money, though Thanks guy alright clean up on aisle, three guys take care. Of course we have medical aid requested and Robbie what's up Robby Mike went the arm you're talking about the big giant armor truck I Don't know about that It might have been excessive force right there, but we got the job done. Didn't we I was looking for the 500 I don't know what it was called, but it was like a drag bike. I have like an extended frame on it. Let me look again I just don't remember what I typed in to find it it's. Not any of these options on the screen right here It's. Not the race bikes This is really, really driving me nuts. I can't. Remember Let's see if we can just scroll down to get to all the bikes Here we go Catholic bike nemesis We start in any kind of orders really weird Your cars there's tons of cars, holy crap Street bike It's. None of these, either If I see the name I recognize not the Ninja Really determined to find it Plain playing quietly, it was down this far and now we're in all the stuff we don't have No it's, not high It's, definitely dry, has dragged in the title and the name of it But forever reason I type it in it. Doesn't come up I think it was with the biggest list of bikes sovereign That's. Not it I'm on a mission. Here. Guys, you have the weight Planes helicopters But I don't know why they're not like alphabetical order Alright. Where is it it's? Not the equipment at the police like It's? Not here This is really driving me nuts I give up Knows the way it really is no shit Alright. What do we go here's? Some hoodlums They hoodlums they're homeless people Where the hoodlums at I'm Determined to find some hoodlums are just gonna Master Cross Savannah police cars everywhere Down by the airport again look around down here Are we stuck Stuck Hi This isn't good Guy It's a sketchy neighborhood. So I don't, know hoodlums around here Reporter That's all Oh it's in the airport, we can do that We're gonna. Get there Where are the damn right there Got this under control Maybe a dog C Threw it all S Oh should I called the backup so I could get this other guy to He's running Oh hey, cut this guy any good chasing down a car S See running back this way. He is. What is he doing Are you that dance? Guy peace? A trash I'm, not close enough? Come here? Full Enough nice and easy buddy down the ground will do anything stupid Don't don't like Pull guns out and shoot at me. That's Bad Come here full We got both those guys by ourselves I don't know how to pronounce that but we're gonna. Look it up real quick Don't need doubles on what is it There it is couture drag, whatever the hell, it says Oh that's it good job. Gary Good man we're gonna. Get on that bike in a second Let's put you on the ground. Have two people come pick three skies up for us Santos National Yeah, here we go This is literally the best thing I've had for chasing people the whole time I play this We only had some siren on it I have Often goes battles, I thought it would But there's a report arm suspects on quite this isn't gonna go 99 emergency This is not gonna. Go on son of a bitch sweet Jesus Oh my God, Don't hit me We all know It's the armored car crap. We got a call in the big guns for the hell of the arena We willed up and then they get the Swat team to this is about as bad as it gets I don't think I can hurt them at all Oh they're gonna Kill Me Cops are gonna Kill Me Why did it have to be an armored car I don't think I get any shots in through the windows Oh good good Hope They're getting out They are down 12 I was like four people in there God running over my bodies alright. This is this This is pretty much the biggest mess We've had all night A massive air ambulance Mission Room We have to close the road for a minute there Wait until they clean this mess up John is a suck at all my God. I wanna think about how many hours or Grant that thought, I'm driving in my belt with me damn it It's. Not looking good I was gonna, wait and see if they can clean all this up. Then we can open the roads back up A chance Oh they're. Already dead Their way dad Still, not looking good Let's say it, Doesn't look good, they got executed but like a fire squad Jesus, we lost them So I think that means they're all dead yet they're all dead That's terrible news for them. I guess alright open the roads back up And get on with our lives Where is the Mountain Dew ad I had some mountain dew. Earlier, I said to grab a water can just suck down soda, causeway alternative a fat pig This thing isn't really as fast as I was hoping it was me S Try getting to the hood This is the hood down here This is the Beach I went the wrong way That's. All we can look around here a little bit I don't think we're gonna find any hoodlums down here there's lots of different plug ins for this particular model and there is a firefighter portion. I believe I think I've seen it on another stream, but I don't have I haven't done many plugins. Yeah, this is just like the basic form of the mod often testing the waters with this on my channel and it seems like you guys like it pretty well considering It's over 200 people watching so I'm at to invest more time and adding some things in here for you guys over the course of however, long It's gonna take but yeah there's a lot of Add ons for this Units reporting of possible 148 suit on the Beach It's gonna be really upset if there was another armored car Beautiful I got two of his tires and three of them Here we got some for Already back up cuz, I Can't really see already stopping Bill So we're heading over now Come here. Full He's Fast Please stop, please come back. I just wanna talk to you. I'm Not gonna hurt you there's other guys. Why aren't you Oh my God come here. Dude I think he needs a flesh wound in the leg and slowing down He's still running Come on guy give me a break Still, too far away from your down come back damn, I don't know why he's so fast What's happening bad things don't do that game Oh there's gonna kill him don't Kill him Alright Stop Buddy already got shot like four times but he's really not Oh my God Are you still good Relax just relax and stop Oh my God she stole there's. Okay he's, definitely dead You all saw that they just murdered him Strip murdered. That guy is not cool Oh well Seems like a little bit too much for just one guy like 40 police officers here Let me take this to get back to our bike down there All the way, everybody Really, our bike I lost it It's gone I hear this oh That's. Not it Oh well one bike Oh, we can take this Can we have this gonna? Be a lifeguard Oh, you ever be a lifeguard Don't have a Taser you? I got a taste of this. No fun we're gonna Be a lifeguard here we go Attention all units, we have possible 148 armed suspects on the Beach. Not in my neighborhood shot fired Excuse me coming through S Christ We already have a chopper here. Helicopter already Where they are Hey, Joseph 200. More stars for us man. Thank you for those funny, appreciate them as always 200 stars were gonna. Help us get these guys Leave one alive Keep one alive Drop it Good boy Yeah It took too long Oh boy Oh man. What a mess I still don't understand why they just firing squad them all the time. It's kind of unfortunate I wish this had lights on it Oh my God, it does No Freaking Way we're gonna repair this bad boy Look at that now we're in business I want to get away from these guys. I don't want to mess up my car What happens if I shoot the other cops? Nothing At least? I don't think I think if I kill a knockoff and they'll kill me but other than that. I'm not sure I thought maybe this is where I left my bike I kinda like this lifeguard car, though I've never seen this before Attention all units we have a criminal, resisting never in this canal shot fired Coach. 99 This thing is not nearly as fast as the police version, it feels Super slow It went away Cuz the time down 48 503 and here we go Grant Theft Auto no deadly force Gosh you guys want me to like go off the deep end like to start killing everybody But I Can't man I'm a cop. I Can't, do stuff like that If you guys want me to go crazy, we have to go into multi player and do that This thing is not very fast They're really pulling away from us So we're gonna. Get the the helicopter unit We've got requesting hair support little No deadly force right, yeah no deadly force I'm Not the one that murders people is all my other cop buddies here and seem to do that I Can't believe this thing is licensed. Siren That's kinda crazy Look out Oh That's Marcus, you definitely do, but You'll catch the disease man Once you build your first one and you're gonna. Keep one to make it better and better Something is broken in this car This thing's not nearly fast enough to get another car after this It looks really cool and everything, but it is not practical They're going on the race track But I think they are they won't pass it now I think he's on a higher head North We got two choppers driver is broken, that hurts man That's The cut me deep the best driver there ever was Let's get it looks like we lost one of our patrol unit, That's good one more well, I think he crashed he crashed We'll get them now Oh That's, a big boy helicopter looks like It's about to crash Everybody out of the way the true professional has arrived No wonder we Can't. Catch this guy Oh God Oh now he's going back the wrong way Oh boy Joseph says I'm Sorry with the 80 star I accept your apology Oh crap. They got out Oh boy They always have to run I'll Taste this guy for you otherwise isn't dad was too far crap here. Full Let's see those hands right now Let's see him One more for good major This is a lot of action but just a stolen car No, no don't kill him don't kill him We want to kill everyone, we arrest That other lady still got away We have to do something about that Oh stop ready. I need that car come here You don't like my yellow banana of a car trunk, my yellow banana car when you get this other patrol car catch that lady So It's kinda messed up to God Damn. It stop doing that And Don't try anything She got really far on foot Where is she Oh my God? The train holy crap that rock to save my life You're not getting away from it this time I'll tease you right in your forehead We're gonna spend a good squad car in a second Oh my God what's happening down here I don't know what's happening alright. Well if you need to sit down for you fall down S Let's Get you a nice ride assistance needed in Grande Logan up we're on PC guys if you just joining us, this is the P D F R Moderators for P only S Let's get our good car It's the unmarked cruiser And Steve, I know man all the good stuff just for the C That's. Why I bought one Alright well I'm allowed to drink so we're gonna. Take a second here and we're gonna. Go over drinks. Give me like 30 seconds. Guys we'll. Be right back Alright guys, I need some caffeine in my life as we all from time to time need Why is it but you're like the tenth person to ask me to get prostitutes man If You're if You're needing prostitutes in a game, you go, get yourself laid for real man We're gonna head over Sandy Shores area I believe is right I totally missed that that was bad S Hey, guys we're brutally honest on this channel so I don't have time for any snowflake people So if You're sensitive, this is not the place for you we do try to keep a PG though but implying things I'm okay with that It's. Not that, you offend me. It's, just a Facebook It's offended. We don't wanna upset Facebook Where was I going and why this right Look for some Hill billies out there Everybody loves a hoe I don't know about you guys, but I did Oh my God Oh my God I'm, so sorry oh they're. All okay Oh, I pissed him off. Oh God. I'm gonna leave the anchored. Some rednecks I wanna see what happens that everybody else wants to see, too wow. S I was kinda cool S There's a new unmarked car It was pretty nifty Angered some hillbillies and we exploded Alright Sandy Shores This was the destination I kind of wish it wasn't dark But Somebody died That's definitely a prostitute That's against the law in my County Lady Quit Jesus Stop, please hands up there's, no prostitutes in my County Yeah, you're going to jail Take a sit, please thank you and I should leave you on the side of the road. That's probably where you belong. But We've got an officer in need of assistance in Sandy Shores Wait, make sure she gets picked up There is already Lots of prostitution this town, lots of math for my understanding Oh here's our precinct Units reporting a criminal, resisting arrest in seat and arms. So this might be the really good 199 It's find out current ninetynine arm suspects in pursuit That's. What we want Wide This is not the one I was hoping it was This is to be a good one Oh no, I lost a tire Oh God S Yeah, the way tree stump Alright, you guys want me to just kill some people. I just kill them all So everybody happy now Are you proud of yourself So everybody happy. Maybe murder like five people Now, my car is ruined Damaged my beautiful vehicle here Jerusalem finish him dropping the 50 stars. Thank you for those man I'm just gonna fix. This thing is why not I like I like the gray Oh wait we're not done Oh wait. I guess we are done here since everything seem like disappeared Let's look for some more prostitutes to arrest clean up these streets here Or all these dirty hoses at Don't crash into those are bad We learned that earlier the hard way That's Trevor's House See if trevor's Home Anybody home I think this noses and Trevor is trevor's House I think it is I don't remember I've played the story in a very long time. Can we go in here No we Can't Said the Dirty Hose right here, watching my stream. Hey their views or just as good as anyone else's They can pay taxes if only I don't think that would solve the problem though Where's Everybody at Place usually crawling with people walking around How is everybody cameron's back? Dropping another hundred stars for us tonight? Camera thank you as always my man Some sketchy dude up there I guess he's on his own properties as we, Can't really bother him You're, right, Chris Well, no one likes snowflakes. You guys have probably heard me, say it before If you get offended I don't really care. Just don't. Let my door hitch in the ass on the way out. So I want you to ask principal my door That's. How I feel Mister did someone say hot pockets? I think someone just said hot pockets or meat pockets. That's close enough There's your there's, your hot pockets for the night Now Well, I used to play baseball. I played baseball for about 14 years all the way through like high school and little after high school But anyone else other than my dad. My dad played That's. Why I played, but other than that. No Seriously, where is everyone like this whole town is empty Oh here we go here we go These are definitely some hose right here Already which one I think the one in the pink looks more disgusting so we're gonna we're gonna. Take her out first Let's get some ideas for lady It's actually got it you're going to jail anyway Drew now, Ryan Didn't bite the wheel. Why not what she's got in my hand costs come here. Woman She got cowboy. What the hell is wrong with these people alright Lady Scott You're under arrest to Guilty by Association Everybody take a sit I don't wanna do that No don't do that Sit yourself Now they're already coughed so Still, transport out here the Alamo C respond too sit on the ground stop getting out of your handcuffs. You sit on the ground So bad angle, I never under war batting gloves and I played. I Didn't like him I don't know why It's I preferred not to have a glove like I know a lot of people. My team always warm. On the bottom hand. Some people warm on book. I like them at all Carol, you like the new hot pocket thing. Yeah, when I got my stream deck, I had I had to add that in our local transfer show up Alamo C code too right there's one I drew you cannot model an Xbox there's really no way to do that the only way to play this is to have enough for a P Unfortunately, man I know it kinda sucks. But That's. Why I went and bought one spent the money Oh yeah, I could take him to jail myself, but all I do is put them in the car and drive there and then there's like an animation that takes them out from there. So it's not really all that exciting And this way, I get to make other people do the work So there's two more dirty hose off the Street for the evening let's go find some more I'm, sure there's plenty more around here This place is crawling with them It's infested Hope It's all right now Oh God drew enough. I wanna oh my lord. I just ran over that cat or I guess it's a coyote. Oh my God still alive Oops Go further back into town here and look for some more prostitutes to arrest Keep your eyes peeled for the prostitute so we go into a liquor store On their way, can I buy stuff there's? Nobody in here Who's in charge of this place you're going to jail for other signing anybody in the back That was a first aid kit. That's Nice there's a body armor for me. Probably not I Didn't like the Suv's earlier the unmarked car. It's, not fast enough. It's a boat like It's, a tank. I'll get me wrong, but It's just not fast enough It looks like a breeding ground for prostitutes right there Attention all units We've got a Grand theft auto in Grande Oregon ranked up to Auto course That's a Wall Joshua, that was trevor's meth, lab back That's. A good mission. I do remember that one I'm actually playing through the story again I'm really really liking it I haven't gotten that far yet I think I took like the worst possible bad Oh God To the ground I was gonna get dropped Oh no. Don't kill him just I'm just taking it down nice and easy. But there we go Two more for the book, so they get, I think they just killed the other guy as per usual alright. So you can just sit down Damn Don't run me over Assistance required in Sonora Desert drew I'm. Not getting a wheel never ever will I get a wheel? I love my keyboard It's, my favorite fave so no no wheels Fish I don't know what that Red dots were It's certainly getting daylight out again Christie says they're trigger happy earlier, I mean like It's like a firing squad. It's crazy what's going on Boy It's a little excessive only had guns man holy crap alright Well I don't see many of those random events like that people have guns We have a 1099 in It's got him there's some bodies in the truck We got him hauled off to jail, get mess to clean up our mess in that truck there One of the first things I'm gonna, add there's, a tow truck like you can add it, whether you can come and have their cars towed. No. I kind of stuff That's on my list Please don't Kill me Yeah, Bruno rocking Grant Theft Auto Tonight We need to air our weekly taste of violence for the evening which it seems to be getting more and more popular. The more I do it, some other invest some time into putting some more Mazda to for you guys And if any of you guys ever wanna play with me, feel free to get in my discord and send me a message as a link to the discord in the description of the video And if we get enough people, we can do some one line. I definitely would be up to playing with some of you guys on the stream off the stream. Whichever but fair warning on the stream if you're in my chat like talking on the Street like I am fair Warning If you start saying stuff that you shouldn't be saying there's, no warnings You've won one time you're out Wanna play sometime Shoot me a message. Let me know Oh there's a prison That's, an awesome highest I'm. Nothing you guys have done that highest But It's really awesome Let me go back this way Kristy with 50 stars as no snowflakes yet, no snowflakes allowed on this channel Is this a good jump I guess so Where are we Something's going on I don't know that catch it all unit and in progress Listen a wind farm that would be a good one There's Barney, the Big Purple Dinosaur Open fire I got him He's Dead He doesn't, have a gun on him. Does he look out officer They just murdered that guy he's. Never gone on Oh really Lost a tire Put the big dinosaur guys the answer. Now we Can't, go in the prison unless you're doing the highest, I don't think I'm pretty sure at least Dan what's going on down here I'm Not a cop killer was it was an honest mistake right there and so that was Sandy Shores Right now here, we can we can fly another plane and go back to the city We've been out here for quite a while. It's. Do that spongy kind of plane do we want I think Jeff hit it will bring up some planes What is the fighter jet called Got some drawing a blank on that too Who does what the fighter jets are called Here's the plain list there's a plains I thought I saw some plains guess not was a couple Logan Yep I've got a discord anybody interested in at this cord there's a link in the description of this video Trying to find a good plan to get us back to the city here we go It's, a regular jet tighten, however, with that, is out here the laser That's What we're looking for We're gonna. Do more cop things or say we're just gonna use this to get back to the city instead of just tell, according Assuming we can even get back there, let me crashing First of all my God, we can although It's inverted Oh God I'm Just gonna take this back to the city here Single Stay Straight This must be what it means when you see those signs on the highways. radar enforced by aircraft Invincible, no definitely not we can crash and explode a problem Suck it flying I am I'm really bad at flying like helicopters, but I can find the flames pretty well Where is the damn airport? I thought it was over here There it is Take a nice wide of first year Is there a spaceship is a really Brandon Austin what's up man. How you doing sir Is there actually a spaceship anybody confirm that for me Now I think about I feel like I have seen a spaceship this game Serious guns on this thing That's enough of that I need to see if there's a spaceship Speedo known as certainly we're looking for Speedo excuse me oh my God Here we go oh God Oh God what's happening Oh, it broke broke Real bad From Super Bad Oh yeah, the whole thing crash. It's. Not good Alright guys well here, we got a good opportunity. You guys want me to boot the booth, the P R Mod back up and keep doing some police stuff, or do you want me to hop into just online, and we can mess with some people and make their life miserable Let me know in the Chad type in type in cop in the chat. If you want us to do the police stuff or type control. If you want me to go, do just online with a bunch of other people cop. If you want us to keep doing the police stuff or troll in the chat, if you want us to go online I think I already know what everyone's gonna want. But we'll see Since we're gonna load it back up anyway All right seems like troll is like hundred percent winning right now. So let me start loading that I gotta find where I put that What's this game called Grand Theft Auto, something there. It is Want to make People's lives? Miserable we're terrible people that's. Why we're all hanging out in here together though I really wish I could play this on my Xbox account cuz. I have, oh my God, everything I have so much stuff online Alright just bear with me only load this backup here. Shall we take a minute or two S I hope that this will still work Oh good, okay, I want to change anything John were all messed up That was pretty much unanimous decision. Yeah well, I haven't played online on this very, very much. I played a lot of Xbox we're going to see Oh my gosh, I don't even know if I played online at all Or maybe We'll say see what it does with us All right Dylan, that, yeah, that makes me feel better. I swear I've seen a spaceship at some point. Maybe that is a full blown mode I'll look into that for you guys, I'm sure. You'd want me to try and fly a giant spaceship in between the buildings On that repo expansion looks really cool. I thought about dying that Should have the quickest load ever so my solid state come on game Let me down here It takes a lot longer than I remember it taken Mr Jake. I mean who could object to messing with people on the Internet? Especially when you can shoot at them and blow them up Telling the pros too Spaceships and Europe goes all day long I really do miss playing this online. I used to play when this first came out. I was still back in Maryland, where I live and all my buddies at work We'd run home from work every day. Get on here. We just make just run around trolling, the crap out of everyone Longest lard time ever It's exciting stuff, guys, it's loading screens really really interested to watch isn't it Oh, what is that It looks awesome I close like a hundred million dollars Our Curtis, no online, I Can't. But if I learned at the solo like the single player, I think I still can as long as I run by each plug in hook in the background I don't know Oh crap, I do have though I forgot. I unplug all that to do this So maybe I Can't do that right now? Is I don't think I'm going to go back and unplug all that right now I just don't. Even let me go back So it's a disabled, my range plugin hook to be able to do this It's. Not like there you go I don't only talk to the kids when I'm drunk I don't think it gets kind of fuzzy I am tired of this back in the single player tired Well it looks like we're not gonna, be able to pull up the online cuz. I've got the mud run and stuff to figure out. I know there's a way to do both the hell is going on I know I'd be cheating. I just figured that when you load up online it just Wouldn't allow the Mods to run. But like I said I'm, not I, Don't know too much about modeling J, so I'm about to look into it and see what's going on Trying to think what we're gonna do now You know, I think we're gonna cut off the Grant stream for right now and I'm. Not sure what I'm gonna do imma. See what buddies of mine or online and determine what I'm gonna do next? So I might stream again a little bit I might not I do need a little break with the go for almost four hours So make sure you guys click that follow button before we end this here trying to get the 5000 and I'll definitely add some new stuff into the cop mode. I'll get the online work in and I have some more new things coming for you so again make sure we here. Let me see if I can even do that for you real quick I think we can there, we go send out to everybody right there. If you guys haven't followed, make sure you click that for we end this here and I might be back in a little bit and might not be. But We'll definitely have more streams tomorrow, too So I'll catch you guys later, thanks everybody for watching

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