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I recommend that before watching episode 12 please read the UQ Holder manga and watch the previous season (NEGIMA? / MAGISTER NEGI MAGI ) so you can...
You Now the stupid nor the music hub where they're coming to until we have to and gotta give a good will play a little here. You do it Put them on could be holding now holding me over the city schools going on. They don't affiliate just hit up fabulous like I do the theater. This year could not tonight look at you come on the Season you've gotta see them when a lot about going either hmm hmm Look positive told them for the boys will remind you of all people just need a little of what do the boy them so call mother. nigga Mother notice okay duck you how short it's look upon your stuff to the home on eighty music. here Hello what it He Yeah yeah yeah Non-stop bagel boy, yeah look oh yeah that's not gonna get up month. That since it out and you're set go, do not maybe go, but I can okay hold it is to build meats, get up. Oh. Thank you. Howie local call now ad told that God loved the bunnies have gone on to get you pickled. It oh The kind of sick almost there civic gym do you see you soon somebody gym doing wrinkles and go down nigga well, you know, Christian yeah. You know, Chris. We got sick. I am not gonna you know that someone it's kinda you wanna shimmy okay hold hundred. It oh With no lucky people, lady with something about this you're with us on the choice to securing the kinetic almost any so that more people, local up doc local I'm or you are those among the girl. So you guys so you need a night. You know okay hold on look at about jena screen that up lead on well that manner well, like taking on their skill to nigga got the okay don't buckle up. I don't even look that good Speak on the good come With all the walking you log on up there see not even looking of giving you a look so I need that. They are. You can, I put a blog. They want to come tonight local, he up dessert oh become the nina told you gonna, put chill time and it's got the upgrade Must stop Oh, yeah, I got nothing on stuff plus. I was good. Yeah yeah looks promoted couple yeah. We see so that they got them about that must that the little girl not that good Do that girl hi the new year to meter them or look it up make that of Yeah oh yeah look this good Oh look smoking your cue, nothing Come on He's on the North in by some mystery sauce the Like us to my motor Cup, instructor enjoy your stay to another city To even she doesn't Come on mom Fuck you, for you what are these God guys good day. Your nigga putting a beautiful Yes, yes, she go to us open young know the most you don't like what I thought you might Need to listen Sure, block them. This is Get custom young you look at this all on the photo with your go, see the name stop you getting the one you should. I get what the body with all the other collectables get a degree didn't Hello who's the eat this kid is on the skin are not Got and also posted this, you idiot time We may be summer ready who know one oh that's already done a picky with Oak don't couldn't was schooled in buddy no Model you have you go to the car you call your mother man. That's a no, no come on up soon being gone on the nissan of um that's about to school and I know what that's not your nissan, that you got me Steve. Basically a snow nigga, a Soda he got any meal and you thought not that kind of you to this. Theater 90 punny could be in that speaks to the It could not gets it going Next, easy to set up this one Oh little sammy I had to do make a much any much stuff. We love you guys, God Who know maybe Let me go go yeah How do we keep going now. Yeah how do people like people that may be able to do that and thank you This Hi hi danny yes, you got one shit nigga damn water. What what's that you come. Look okay, look at the girls. This shit. I got now. You speak. You guys said oh my God Because you don't need to keep it, hey guys Good thank goodness just look at the name next year. Yeah oh no good oh my So look what I use the world place no. Nica Monday, my same vision different. Yeah. It coming with She may be looking so good. I The corrupt gonna have a light up so become like cities Oh, you look even we don't go Going on little monster yeah even with that makeup must know Love the Oh okay see I took, I don't master email that there's somebody than anyone. The data like happy at lease, come daddy yeah. You see oh awesome We look at my spot do you. They don't down oh look something fun again. Will not proceed. Comeback, family money that's. It tight or your group, those are committed to do what I do know that I need back trying. We know that could be impressed by the Sea on maybe spenser gonna go to new days to order the noise of us on the full deposit. I am mega Christmas on medication and but that's just still moments can fuck with Rock the movie, what the talk to me good move. Yeah, give me call me text. Her from whatever pizza okay, I think I got 30 spots Mickey Mickey looks nice okay that's your body. Oh, that come with the body people no damage and don't let them pull the name who your time you have time look at my and that's. It. Maybe not but this morning I could have something like that but I want you to back it. You will be there at the La it a spin the Oh oh Good Scott odom, I email someone on my daughter's school awesome, who yeah okay, like it here, photo gonna sleep non local diamond, more than exceed so you're like that you got to sit in that body When I told for those who are not doing their market, you you're so hold on I'm a little more uh little kimi no monthly daughter come To the eyes of walked up oh sure with the little so get shit. I got. I am but not your sucky baby look at them about them. Yeah what is the motor cool look. This city that, whatever you damn on you all the must see show us a little tour on order quotes Cup to mister so do I know nice to that man looks age to this shit oh Yeah you know it's time to start again task up by yeah this. This getting the Let the mom so yeah but that's the more your console. You state them. You don't want to look at it. I think I'm in love when he says with luca thought that going impediment look it. Maybe coming school see at night of world a butter yuck so cool they came Monkey hook design so you have a coach that I need to get her This hmm okay I don't God dot, do you build a globally still with the most of the door ha on that. Yes, you are Oh, fuck you gone do what the fuck whoever don't much look at fuck shit up. It who didn't know this group joke that jesus would take with them. Oh no, they don't know any good take a good ever, but she's can you keep someone. Do the You came it who die boost you can keep the rest. hmm Get up Who Come help, people to the hunk. It up to love. They'll okay now I get it. You can email me there something that 30 look. What we think wish. How awesome would imagine, looked up on the long thought about me. They don't like to be told when you call you know, cannot don't do like button. You can Me what do not, until you should yoga and I'm digging into non animal can you know gaga what it could do. A time put that home No them so she buy sooner you know connecting, send you came it. He said, although it took my whole the damn awesome buddy, who you think he knows someone who posted another you not to be sitting on the market. Look no, not you know I know another by Go here click swear

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