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Gordon Ramsay is rating people's seriously dodgy cooking - who makes fish and chips in the microwave?! 馃槺馃槀
Not a bag looks like my granddad's me bag in the microwave. You're killing me. What hey guys. So today, I'm gonna show you how to make fish and juice. Okay. go to your local watering hole and find your fish. Find your what you wanna clean your fish your name. Okay. Okay. You wanna cut the head off for your flowers. Oh my god there you go. And some sugar and some salt and pepper and some root beer. This is how it should look to be like the fish you want to your fish. Oh my god, no stop. It's the salt and pepper on your plate. What are you doing to your plate? There's nothing but bad in the microwave for 2 minutes. What feel like chips and you've lost the and that is how you make a fish and chips. you've never been to Britain shut that boy. Paddle the chef boy Chucky balls, Oh my god once they frown, you're just turn the heat right down and crack over the source. What turn on the heat? Oh my god now forty grams of butter and whisking forty grams of plain flour. Oh that flour flour and two thirds of a cup of vegetable stock and two thirds of a cup of beef stock really keep staring at continuously man. Then you want two thirds of a cup of extra thick trust me does anyone Joe Wicks Three CS stick what two teaspoons of soy? No how to fire your donuts and OMG. It's got a nice consistency that into the meatballs. Oh my god. There's a wallpaper paste. you don't Oh, please trust me one make chef was enough. What do you say? go? what's he doing? Oh, What no? Not in a bag, it looks like my granddad's me bag. Oh my gosh. Fake wagon I'll get it. Oh man amazing I had to call you because I was making your favorite dessert. This is the lava cake. First of all it came out beautifully. okay. It's not broken. uh huh. It looks a little bit sort of go in the center, which is a bit that gets so excited it look. Pristine condition, Oh, but how does it taste? Thank you. Oh boy. Hey. first of all. Do you close your eyes and you smell. It's chocolate right you ready cuz it's hot so I wanna get in there. Oh, uh the uh master chef 2021.

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