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Posted 9 months ago

Ko Thar Gyi 9 months ago

I don't like she left arm tattoo
Because this Tattoo are our Buddish Heard
IAM very 😡

Purity Koech 9 months ago

The way she looks at the cake before cutting is clear that she was prepared for a splash

Jonathan Barrett 9 months ago

This was painful. She didn’t take the candles out. She didn’t take a picture of her own birthday cake. And I can’t believe that just took three minutes from me

り ヨ 9 months ago

the way she sliced🔪 the cake🎈🎂 she knew it already.. 🥴🥴🥴

Iz Mo 9 months ago

I never seen a person doing that Much for cutting a cake its so fake

Harris Denise 9 months ago

She always taking forever to do something 🙄

Jowel Boscán 9 months ago

Cómo hago para que no me aparezcan videos de esta cuenta? Todos los vídeos son bromas actuadas los odio en serio

Mirella F Lima 9 months ago

Só pela demora de cortar já da p perceber q é tudo armado

Ammar Imtiaz 9 months ago

In a parallel universe, this would be real... and funny.

Fabricio Vieira 9 months ago

Not been rude, but the only funny thing was those other two balloons