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Things Lil Uzi Vert Can't Live Without!! 馃槀馃槀
I'm allergic to chocolate so my
friends in the track They introduced me to what do they taste
like Try it Tell me what it taste like I take my dog everywhere I go. So
this is really a great essential They always get me with
the new formula I just know my mom you should use this. So that's
why I use it I don't know this deodorant I don't wanna think
about fascinating anticipate Coco radiant lotion I have dark
skin so this lotion right here It doesn't leave my skin gray from
too much lotion and it works for me and the heat It's not too
thick on me I don't know what's your skin type but it makes
me You know Shawn always gotta have a big any other ladder.
That's not a big It's fake like it's not fake but it's just
like you know just what you like a big. It's like an iPhone
and then when you get that you know the clearest lighters that's
more of a Android there's nothing wrong with that You know
it all makes calls but I think I wanna make my car phone Toothpaste
is essential I like to arm and hammer That's my favorite It
taste like powder and baking so it tastes good My next essential
is my back It's the backpack I got this when I was in
Paris I believe long time ago I was on tour with the weekend I
pretty much take one of these everywhere. I go I have a whole
collection of God I have like probably like 16 bucks right This
is my favorite one and this is like my worst condition It's
ripped right here but I made it into a harness and it's really still
the book bag It's not one of those little replica clothing
fake This is real good What are you giving us got song shocks Fifth grade sixth grade seventh
grade. This is very important eighth grade two and a little bit
of knife gray So you'll go to the store in the morning before
you go to school and when you go in the store, you'll get everything
that you need for today and when you go up there you have
to make sure you have money for a busted because when you were
younger you always have the problem of licking your lips and
you always will get that ring around your lips and that was very
disgusting This right here fixes the ring and four hours It
might not be the greatest but it works I have a new bottle in
the car but this is a half bottle of chance from Channel It's
like my favorite smell I remember when I was younger I would
just use access cologne not knowing that it was just deodorant
I would just spread everywhere all over me when I get
out the shower and I thought I was just lit then I moved up and
I had the old spice spray Then I moved up and I had the Michael
Jordan color Then I moved up and I had the chemical and I
moved up Aqua then I just kept moving up and moving up and moving
up mostly one set If it's just you know a studio day two cents
if I go out to the club four cents, if I have something
really special going on I'm one of those people that think it's
never enough

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