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After a serious fight, Clint and Dondre face the consequences of their bad behavior. Yasmin does something surprising when her insecurities surface.
Keep chasing jerseys. Maybe they'll take care of you right I hate him I think you're stupid for sleeping with them I really do I got a temper shows my dad I was raised to He's been through traumatic Bitch don't touch my girl you can seven you won't be up as so do it same They putting you in a hotel You want me to address the Mayor Y'all. We're never gonna get anywhere. It's gonna be the same for team over and over and over again I'm down here at L This is the true story of seven strangers to live in a House I'm looking for some Atlanta peaches to have their lives tape stream and shared across Facebook What do you mean? No find out what happen you are. Not listening. People stop being poor like oh my God and start getting real Atlanta baby real Over two If you just finally crazy basically the House is more separated than it has ever been before last night Clay aggressive again he basically fought Danbury and I yield at Tova then Tobias screaming that everyone is always attacking her in some other stuff and it's just really funny Oh Yes Better filter What is going one She's playing herself During cleanse fight has really isolated me from the House I wanna be there for Clint but I know that will piss off the group and I wanna be there for the group and I know that will piss off Clint If exhausting it's Super exhausting she must be an actual pink home champion. Here's a master I'm done just anxious Yeah. Here you go When I walk in the door, I'm ready to know what's gonna happen is anybody going home with the deal to the kitchen Kevin never really walks into so I know this is like real This is bad guys. I've been looking at all the video this and the previous incidence The common denominator on this dark nights is too much alcohol So Clint and Dan Andrae have a choice to make they can rejoin the House but they have to agree to limit their alcohol if you don't want to Abide by these restrictions you're free to go You can look at this as an opportunity to turn things around or not and I'm gonna leave now Y'all know anything I need to say between each other now I really don't bro If you don't suck it out it's only gonna rise back up again I think there's a lot of things in this home that are unspoken I think we should all express how we feel about the situation I respect all Y'all. I'm not here to argue with none of Y'all but when he's drunk, he's been aggressive and disrespectful I'm not finished just take that shut up I'm sick of being disrespected by him I'm sick of it I feel like this whole House is up my ass or not that's what it is it even right now This whole conversation is on me right You don't want I was like crazy though Right So I was like what are you talking about you know you touched my girl I touched a girl Yeah. I guess you're oblivious to that. Huh I touched you told you don't remember hitting my army You've seen they're playing the victim like I really just slap your face. If not I'm not playing the victim Nobody just saw This privilege and playing the victim is causing tensions to grow into something that it doesn't even have to go to You weren't being aggressive lesson barely I'm not gonna keep being disrespectful. Yo, we're never gonna get anywhere whenever you understand that whenever no, we're not no one No it's not because it's gonna be the same routine that's been going on over and over and over again As much as I actually do want click to go home the real world is not about running from your problems. It's about solving it and facing it. Head on plan get so angry when he's drinking but I know he can be such a good guy like I wish the roommate could see that side of him Physical altercation should not be a thing I didn't come here to fight I agree I'm not here to fight with Clint at all or any of you any last words I was gonna suggest 10 shots right now. All of us but I don't know if you're joking or not Just kidding Alright Black gay men I have experienced some situation where I had to stand up for myself. Nothing that has anything to do with clean I don't know how he was raised, but if you talk to me stupid while you're drunk don't be surprised when he go I've been in fights before you know I'm not here to catch a charge for beating somebody passing the House Everybody in the House is definitely shine with Android but I know that definitely has my back either way You know me Dodge, we're gonna need to start respecting each other on some type of level you gotta survive and her dog I'm so worried about what it looks like I don't know I just hate your body so much You want me to stand in front of you Holy A really nice body It's weird to me that you feel so insecure about it Sometimes I'm like should I gain more weight? So I could get more work as a plus size model I'm really jealous guys and so body positive You know I'm a mom I gave birth to a child and after you know your body just kinda goes its own way So I think Megan and I really need Yasmin to kinda gain that confidence in ourselves We've all been comfortable in your body I mean I was like God Like I was like the fat friend in high school and stuff but it is what it is People like started putting labels on me started to label me as body positive people labeled me as activist and then I was like people are choosing my identity for me. So now I'm gonna live up to those things because that's what people like and care about me. I'm fat You're really not you're really not. You have the body that people get plastic surgery to have that body drilling I feel like I'm just that I don't think I have carbs It's just also hard to be around people like Megan who keep saying they're fat all day long and they have a body that I would want Like a lot of what I preach to other people, I'm just saying it to dump so I could hear it myself I hate having boobs every year I want you to rupture We're using my comb This is yours You can use it. It's fine I'll take this event had licensed and they didn't what the Do you know how to plant trees We plant a bunch of trees in my backyard plant tree I'm not strong enough I love Arizona man Perfect weather Cool people Michigan is just like it's like dark all the time So being almost at home got me thinking about my next step after this you know working on the farm, my dad and my grants. So I've been there for so long and a busted my ass out there and I don't know maybe it's time to move on. I don't know if you want the life that your dad has right now and continue the path you're going What if you don't No, if I do go Leave in the farm is betraying my family name fourth generations I'm the only boy I don't think like anybody really knows how much pressure that is on me That's reason why I'm here man. It's just sick of it. You know what I mean 30 years old Yeah I mean pass you know we're so me and pops we got our differences You know it seems as it maybe every few years you know we need a break I'm not really in a Spot my life anymore. Where that can happen What would you tell your son I would let them do whatever they want to do Okay exactly. So why are you doing? Whatever you wanna do I am here I'm talking about after this fairy tale land is over I want the best for Clinton and I can see that he is putting so much pressure on himself I feel like he feels trapped and I just really want him to feel that he has options just because somebody chose a certain life for themselves doesn't mean you have to choose that same life Ready Yeah Alright bro So we just gotta we gotta talk man cuz we ain't talking about the you know what I'm saying Bro I don't have a problem with you. I don't wanna fight you. I'm not here to fight two and I'm not trying to do none of that It was just differences bro and men have their differences and that's what I respect about you that you're willing to talk about it and move past and I'll be stuck on board cuz us doing all that does take a little bit longer to get over the like but but the fact that you're willing to talk about it over and it is I am over you know what I'm saying exactly and I like what we do you know what I'm saying like going to the gym. I like hanging out with you man. I think it's funny. I think you're cool dude like you know what I'm saying bro I'm not argue with you no more bro Honestly I would sit there. Shut the it's not gonna get to that point No more No Let's see you guys later We're getting ready to go to a class positive event It's a body positive Organization here in Atlanta I am gonna be speaking of their panel it's time to go We ready Yeah I'm not ready but I'm ready You can talk about how positive you are You can empower all these people and I'm gonna be there with you I am nervous for those panel because I feel like I'm a fraud I'm feeling here Come on in find the scene I asked each of the panelists to kinda share their stories This is a safe space to be open and honest Well like everyone else my life has not always been perfect dating I realized that boys don't like big girls So I saw that boys did and I got pregnant at 15 I was bigger as a towel as an adult. I was even bigger. I didn't know at the time that I had an autoimmune disease that caused me to gain weight Me the fact that I know that God did not make animals to look all the sudden So why should we as humans fixate on the fact that this person is this size or that person decides if we just love that about ourselves? There's no such thing you don't fly hearing other people's trust in all experience reminds me. There's many reasons why people have the body types that they have It's time for me to be vulnerable and open I'm gonna give you some background on my family so we immigrated to the us when I was three years old my daughter Syrian and my mom is our maniac So my culture is very critical of you So they always tell you like oh you could change this or you should do better in school So I've always grown up comparing myself to other people I started dating a person who was Super abusive who would compare me to other people all the time she on me I think that relationship Actually what broke me down as a person cuz I felt I had absolutely no self worth so to be honest ever since then, it's like an every day battle I was honestly like really shocked Yasmin always especially like you know, I'm a plus size model girl should be very comfortable in their own skin So for her to kinda open up about how she was feeling It really opened my eyes a lot more cuz you know someone can always be like very positive but at the same time we don't really know what's going on through their heads Yo. What up girl How are you doing Good here Check me out Boom I don't know why anybody would want to use anything about me on television That's the coolest of all moms Yeah, right I I got some news. I gotta tell you what's going on I don't think I think I'm gonna come back to the farm right now Really Right now in my life, I feel as if I need to find me I just wanna pursue whatever I want right now. You know what I mean Wow Look that big feelings club. I mean I understand why you wanna go experience new areas but your family is right here The one thing that parents can do for their kisses. Give them both weeks and your realize what's really important to you Well you know I got a little mean stuff too. So I mean at least I'm not alone Above all we want you to be happy to that Alright. Have a good day I love you Yeah. I love you too Bye. Bye Got a tip I feel so fat No you look great if everybody bought to be running around here talking about their fat bishop muscle walk around fat in it but naked and then bend over like this and then make sure my roles are showing hella Moore My roles are gonna show what we're eating a big ass pizza After the panel I realized I need to face my personal insecurities because my body is gonna be my body No matter what it is Hey you guys This is my body I have here on my knuckles and in my hands I have hair on my lower back and then it goes in my book I'm gonna show you my nipples even though you're not allowed to see but I have a hair on my nipples actually here This is what's gonna happen Do you see this is not a conventional Drop the food shape I have this armpit fat right here I'm gonna secure about that I have a double chin and then I have this right here now take off everywhere and I'm really naked It's so normal to have hair on your body It's almost clear so much to jiggle You know what is amazing All the things my body can do I can do jumping jacks That's amazing I can touch my tongue to my nose That's cool This is the body House and this is what we get to live on this Earth with hopefully I will embrace my body more and hopefully you'll learn to embrace yours African Americans don't own major media outlets in the country so everything that gets put out is using like the negative things so you'll even have Africans that'll come over I have to ask my sister's somewhere and she wants to know she wants to get this game. It's called poop the potato and you put the potato Look how funny that is It's called the proof of potato 10 fake potatoes Yeah. What is it I love this game It's like basketball with your butt I guess like when I like somebody I tried like it's hard as I can and I am all in until I shouldn't be so wanna jobs to do in Arizona I don't know really good. Moving point. There was like we balls go to Arizona I just wanna do man someone's gotta change. You know so like who cares like she was this guy? Still, I've never been there like yeah. Like I'm willing to try it out Don't you think that's like really soon Okay along this is don't work bro That is terrifying for us to move in together that scares me and it's a lot Here's the meal Scary down so many rely on me How am I gonna rely on you? And I could rely on you all Okay Was it? How does that mean I mean like happiness What are we doing Seem like they don't see Every time that I talked to tell but I just need I just need some reassurance of like why we're doing this Where is this going No no thoughts on that ever. Toba weird If you're not gonna think outside of today that's a problem Ready. Go I cannot with this photo shoot that they're doing right now Clinton's relationship They are so much often one like they're just not good for each other Do you have some big problems dude because I don't know if I wanna live this. No, you can say that I just don't believe you I don't have time to work it I'm sorry but I don't Hey, everyone. Make sure you follow the real world on Facebook. Watch. Look out for new videos dropping daily If you're not doing that need to change that right now you can see even more of me and my roommates on Facebook stories Let's get it

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