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FB 2645 - Wishing the makers, Maniesh Paul and Raghuvendra all the very best

Posted 1 year ago in TV & Movies
Usha Rani
Usha Rani1 year ago

Congrats to the makers of hichki. All the best to them for their vunerable feelings and to appreciate their efforts is a big quality, which you possess, amitabh.

Sarojini Rishi Mittra
Sarojini Rishi Mittra1 year ago

If only God hadn't made people, so helpless & dependent on others for their each meal. . This small video made me so emotional. . !!

Priya Gen
Priya Gen1 year ago

So very true . even a small favor to the needy does makes a big difference in their lives so very true. I did had experienced this in my life

Nitin Mohun
Nitin Mohun1 year ago

I don't think there is any other living legend celebrity known to us who has this kind of unprecedented charm and magnitude of fan following the moment he posts any of his postings.

Rupinder Randhawa Sekhon
Rupinder Randhawa Sekhon1 year ago

So touching! Every child deserves someone who is their own, and a healthy environment to develop in, well portrayed !!

Jitendra Mishra
Jitendra Mishra1 year ago

अब भक्त लोगों का जमावड़ा यहां भी लगने लगा और इनका केवल मात्र काम है मुख्य मुद्दा से ध्यान भटकाना और अनावश्यक मुद्दे को तूल देना। अगर यहां किसी जरूरतमंद को खाना खिलाने और अन्य जरूरतों को पूरा करने का प्रयास कर रहे हैं तो यहां बाकी मुद्ददों को क्यों उठाया जा रहा है। मुख्य मुद्दा अगर कोई है तो मन की बात वाले जनाब से सवाल पूछने की हिम्मत करो आखिर कब तक अन्य को प्रताड़ित कर सवाल दागते रहेंगे। कायर आई टी सेल के कायर भारतीय यहां पैसे के लिए आप कुछ भी करो और जवाब कोई और दे।

Ankur Aggarwal
Ankur Aggarwal1 year ago

Very Beautiful story.. Great message for remember our moral duty being citizens of country 💕

Amitesh Banerji
Amitesh Banerji1 year ago

Very appreciative video which will certainly be acclaimed by one and all. You have been a true motivational force for all the upcoming talents in the industry.Let the Hichki come at that moment when we think of doing bad to others or have ill will towards any one which will be an alarm to stop such mean thoughts.

Bhaskar Kumar
Bhaskar Kumar1 year ago

Only wishing is not enough sir....You are capable to adopt all those homeless children's...Plz adopt atleast few of them🤝

Savita Puri
Savita Puri1 year ago

Why don't government ban child begging ? It should be strictly banned . All children those r begging should be taken under government patronage . So many children were and r abducted and r forced in this filth . What is use of building sculptures if our innocent angels beg at roads .