Excited Vizsla Dog Jumps For Joy When His Dad Returns Home

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Ermahgerd! Daddy's home!!! ❤️

Posted 1 year ago

Elizabeth Impallomeni 1 year ago

My beautiful baby used to do this!! 💖🐶💕💐

Vickie Robinson Bracken 1 year ago

My dog would be thinking food...lol and mom's home

Margaret Owens 1 year ago

I dont know why u can see something so cute and find something negative about it !!

Arinka Linders 2 months ago

Why didn't he pet him people ask...
First, that is not what you want, a jumping overexcited dog.
Second, It's a vizsla. They even get like this when you come back from the toilet... 😁

Jura Ashley 1 year ago

I think dad has some take out there! No wonder he’s happy!

Dani Damoc 1 year ago

Vizsla, of course :))) ❤

Duncan Olivier 1 year ago

Looks like daddy and I can both do with a little bit of vizla’s energy and excitement in our lives 🤣🤣

Andrea Seib 1 year ago

Vizslas are the best!

Mae Heininge 1 year ago

Love this. Aaron's Bullet, no, however April's Bullet, yes! He could jump six feet straight up from all four.

Julie Hoffman-james 1 year ago

Not quite that high. But yes they are a cross with a Tigger!!