I Still Miss You So Much

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Eve marks the anniversary of her daughter's death.

Posted 1 year ago

Nelda Nartker 1 year ago

So, they keep talking about this marking the 6th anniversary of Paige's death. However, the newspaper clipping says she died in 2015. Either this is her 5 year anniversary or days is in 2021 already...

Leslie Jasinski 1 year ago

The actress playing Eve is too old... and the story repetitive

Mark Pueschel 1 year ago

This week we say goodbye to Ciara for good. To bad she dies at the hand of the necktie killer! So sad, goodbye Ciara. 😢

Shirley Powell 1 year ago

I know that kassie wesley is playing her part in very good on days, but I can't stand eve

บริด ซเนิะหนนะลโน 1 year ago

Eve needs to go Come on why do they have to ruin Ben and Ciara Can’t they just recast her ?

Bonnie Cooke 1 year ago

I’m so tired of Eve. 🙄

Sharon Faba Fruscio 1 year ago

I am soooo over this storyline! Don’t even watch these parts! Come on Days!

Marie Norris 1 year ago

Eve has to go, I’m so tired of this storyline. Leave Ben & Ciara alone, let them be happy.

Donald Hollingsworth 1 year ago

If Ciera is not coming back, Days should look at Stevie Lynn Jones as her replacement. She looks alot like her to play her part., it's just an opinion.If you look at Days past, the original stars leaves for about two or three years and return as if nothing happen. Do anyone remember the two Bo Brady, and how second Bo was fired and never to return to this show. I did.😀😀😀

Michelle Neckonoff Jenner 1 year ago

Yeah she loved her daughter so much that she slept with JJ who was Paige’s boyfriend!