GBM Interview | Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba Says Cost Of Living In Zambia Is Cheap!

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GBM Talks about cost of living in Zambia, wind of change, agriculture policies and why Zambians must vote for ECL. MUST WATCH!

Posted 5 months ago in Social Issues

Martin Makasa Muyobe 5 months ago

We live in Zambia and not Zimbabwe. We have our own economic measuring scales within and from that we tell whether we are doing fine or not.

Kingsley Kaliye 5 months ago

That is a very dull comment bwana. The standard of living btwn RSA & Zambia are miles way apart.

Frank Gwaba 5 months ago

This dude should not think it's the people of Zambia who are misled. It's him and his cronies who are misled. GBM ka wisdom is not much so he should probably work on that deficiency to create a mental equilibrium.

Sandy Max 5 months ago

Stop compare Zambia and Zimbabwe do you know hw much salaries are getting payed even yosef hw mch does yo works are paying them it's less than 3000 ad u are busy making noise

Kanonkela Shhndon 5 months ago

The importance of school cannot be overemphasized. How's the inflation in Zimbabwe and South Africa? How much do civil servants get in those countries? Go talk to villagers bwana apapena theliz no!

Arnold Worthy Ishmael Munkanga 5 months ago

Anyone comparing Zimbabwe 馃嚳馃嚰 to anyone country is not only dull but stupid. So you have messed Zambia to a point of comparing it to Zimbabwe

Briden Sikazimina 5 months ago

One year ago, you were saying president is corrupt and failed to run the country but today you are doing exactly the opposite. So what message are you really communicating to the zambia people..

Samora Mweene 5 months ago

What is the average income for a South African compared to Zambia.

Natasha Nkamba 5 months ago

Indeed the people you laugh and dine with will definately sell you out.Politicians chabe ati cost of living in Zambia is cheap.Change your station because everyone is now alert and ready to caste their vote for change馃棾馃棾

Reuben Silwimba 5 months ago

There are more jobs in south Africa than zambia