The Five - Shut up about Politics!!!

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Shut up about Politics!!!

Posted 5 months ago in Music & Audio

Ruth Treadwell 5 months ago

Would love to have seen a short clip about how all of you have changed over the last 10 years! 😊

Dawn Cabrera 5 months ago

I totally forgot about that! That was very shortly before they fired him.

Manuel Costa 5 months ago

Health issues - for good communication:
before - Doctor I have a cold or I have the flu;
now - Doctor I'm infected;
before - Doctor, I'm fine;
now - Doctor I am asymptomatic;
before - Doctor I need a sick leave;
now - Doctor I need prophylactic isolation certificate

Patrick Wastella 5 months ago

Just received a copy of The Meaning of Hitler(1979) by Sebastian Haffner
Glanced at the back cover blurbs and this phrase jumped out at me:
“…examining the inhumanity of a man for whom politics became a substitute for life, …”