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Vanity upon vanity

This is what happened morning.

Our youths should be patience and wait for their time and never force their destiny

Posted 1 year ago in Crime & Tragedy

Anthony Onaiwu Ikponmwonba 1 year ago

That's nonsense there's nothing like Ogun Owo👇👇👇👇

Yomi Babs 1 year ago

If he was arrested eating shit with bread , he has no case to answer because Nigeria constitution got nothing to do with that. He hasn’t committed no crime under the law. Be educated...Na we we know wetin he do. That action can’t be established under the law. Period

Fasesin Olusegun 1 year ago

Where is d evidence you gathered for you to know you were listening to the truth before u start that video ,? where Is d spot he was caught eaten feaces witj bread?any unverified incident , u poeple would just be recording and start posting it ..

Prince Oladunni 1 year ago

So what is the crime?
Did he killed anyone
Did he steal from anyone
Did you committed crime
Did affect anyone?
Why he is been arrested?

Ekele Enokela Johnson 1 year ago

I don’t believe anything in this video, the guy name in question wasn’t been mentioned no face of those guys making the video show allot of fowl play in this video.

Omoshalewa Akoredegold 1 year ago

God bless you sir 🙏

Ade Ola 1 year ago

I want to marry that alfa behind the camera or he's married? 🤷

MJ West 1 year ago

This pple are illiterates. Which law stop someone from eating eat shit.

Adegboyega Balogun 1 year ago

Opeyemi entertainment, I am disappointed in you for this kind of post. Stand for something distinct. This matter is too frivolous for your platform to be used to sponsor calumny and enmity. Do it right. How can someone be humiliated and scandalised for using faeces to eat bread. Is it their faeces? Didn't people drink their urine for medicinal purposes. This is a set up. Some envious detractors of that man are at work. What does his house has to do in this matter. You are very wicked

Olusola Phillips 1 year ago

If somebody is eating shit wit bread as money ritual..the police cannot do any thing to him, even the law has no provision for a case against him... All this na story..